The AI ​​server industry seeks to do business with Apple

With anticipation building for the reveal of new AI capabilities in iOS 18, the AI ​​server industry is gearing up for a potentially transformative year. Server makers, such as Supermicro, are aggressively expanding their efforts to secure AI-related orders from Apple, signaling a significant shift in technology infrastructure support for AI innovations.

Investments in AI infrastructure

Apple is expected to invest approximately $4.75 billion in servers to support its AI technology in 2024, a significant increase from $620 million in 2023. This expansion in investment highlights Apple’s commitment to developing and deploying AI capabilities advanced, possibly purchasing up to 20,000 servers this year for this purpose.

Server makers, including Supermicro, are looking to capitalize on Apple’s growing demand for robust AI infrastructure, preparing for a transformative year in AI technology. The planned investment d

Expectations for WWDC 2024

Apple is widely anticipated to announce a range of new AI features at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) later this year as part of the preview of iOS 18 and its other software updates. During the annual shareholder meeting, Apple CEO Tim Cook mentioned that the company will "break new ground" in generative AI in 2024, promising "transformative opportunities for our users."

The role of server manufacturers

The interest of server manufacturers like Supermicro in securing orders from Apple reflects the importance of a robust server infrastructure for the development and support of AI capabilities. With existing customers including CoreWeave and Tesla, Supermicro and other manufacturers are well positioned to benefit from the growing demand for AI servers, especially in the context of Apple’s AI ambitions.

Apple’s race to win business in the AI ​​server industry underscores the strategic importance of artificial intelligence to the future of iOS and other Apple products. As we approach WWDC 2024, the anticipation for AI innovations in iOS 18 and the potential impact on the technology infrastructure behind these capabilities suggests an exciting future for AI on Apple devices.

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