Europe asks Apple for explanations for deleting Epic Games developer account

The European Commission has asked for “additional explanations” from Apple following its decision to terminate Epic Games’ developer account, according to the Financial Times. This move is being investigated under the Digital Markets Act (DMA), new legislation aimed at limiting the power of major online platforms. Tech companies had until March 7 to comply with the law. The Commission added that it is also assessing whether Apple’s actions could have infringed other EU laws.

This move by Apple has thwarted Epic’s plans to launch an Epic Games Store on iOS in the EU and to reintroduce Fortnite on the iPhone, which Epic argues complies with EU regulations allowing for alternative app markets.

The death of Epic Games by Apple: A global problem

Apple on Wednesday announced the global termination of Epic Games Sweden’s developer account, citing the game developer’s recurring unreliable actions. Apple mentioned that courts had previously given it the authority to terminate the accounts of any Epic subsidiary due to contractual violations.

Impact on competition and the application market

This action thwarted Epic’s plan to launch an Epic Games Store on iOS in the EU and to reintroduce its Fortnite game on the iPhone, which it claimed was in line with new EU regulations allowing alternative app markets. on iOS. Starting with iOS 17.4, Apple allows alternative app markets on the iPhone in the EU, as part of its compliance with the DMA. Epic argues that Apple’s termination of its account violates the DMA and significantly limits competition on iOS devices.

Epic condemned Apple’s decision as a violation of competitive principles, interpreting it as evidence of Apple’s unwillingness to allow legitimate competition on its platform. The company alleged that Apple’s action was an attempt to eliminate a potential major rival to the App Store.

Epic condemns Apple’s action as a violation of competition principles, viewing it as an attempt by Apple to remove a potential significant competitor from the App Store and limit competition on iOS devices.

A Wider Legal Conflict

Apple’s action is the latest episode in a broader legal conflict that began in 2020, when Apple removed Fortnite from the App Store for circumventing its payment system rules. In retaliation, Epic launched lawsuits in the US and Australia, accusing Apple of anti-competitive behavior.

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