YouTube demands an app for the Vision Pro

The launch of the Apple Vision Pro App Store came with the notable absence of some key apps like Netflix, YouTube, and Spotify. However, it seems that YouTube could be planning to join the platform in the future. According to statements to The Verge, the company expressed its enthusiasm for the launch of Vision Pro and confirmed that the creation of an application for this platform is on its roadmap, although no details on the timing were provided.

While Apple works to improve Vision Pro, the future of YouTube content on the platform remains uncertain, raising questions about compatibility.

An uncertain future for YouTube on Vision Pro

Although YouTube expressed its excitement about the launch of Vision Pro, the company has not shared concrete plans. Historically, YouTube and its parent company, Google, have taken years to adopt new features from Apple, leaving uncertain when the YouTube app could be available for Vision Pro. In the meantime, users can enjoy YouTube in Safari or via the "Juno" app, created by developer Christian Selig, designed specifically for Vision Pro.

Challenges and opportunities in immersive content

Currently, existing solutions like Juno or YouTube on the web do not allow Vision Pro owners to enjoy YouTube’s collection of 360 and 3D videos. According to an Apple spokesperson, this is because this content was created for devices that do not offer a high-quality spatial experience, and could cause motion discomfort in some cases. Apple is focused on providing the best spatial media experience possible, including spatial photos, immersive Apple video, and 3D movies available on Apple TV. It has not been revealed whether the future YouTube app will support its 3D content.

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