Your CAIXA accounts can be closed in 180 days; understand the bank's official COMMUNICATION

Announcement about the closure of Caixa accounts worries state-owned account holders. Find out how to avoid cancellation.

Caixa Econômica Federal, as one of the largest financial institutions in Brazil, plays a fundamental role in the country’s economy, offering a wide range of banking and financial services to millions of Brazilians.

In addition to its role as a commercial bank, Caixa is responsible for important social programs, such as the payment of social benefits and housing financing, contributing significantly to financial inclusion.

It is worth highlighting that it is the largest bank in the country, in terms of number of customers, according to the Central Bank. This week, the state-owned company issued an important statement to its customers.

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Important announcement from Caixa: changes in savings affect everyone

Caixa Econômica Federal, a central institution in Brazil’s economic and social development, brings a surprising statement that directly impacts savings account holders.

This article reveals the essential details of this announcement and provides guidance on how to keep your savings active and profitable.

A digital revolution in savings

Digital social savings, an innovation from Caixa, stands out for its practicality and exemption from fees.

Ideal for beneficiaries of social programs, it promises to simplify access to financial services and enhance long-term financial planning.

With income that starts counting after 30 days without transactions, digital savings are a strong ally for your future plans.

Understanding yield

Caixa clarifies that savings income follows Central Bank guidelines: a fixed rate of 0.5% per month plus the Reference Rate (TR), which currently orbits close to zero.

This calculation model reinforces the importance of the fixed rate in total income, a crucial point for those looking to save and invest wisely.

Keeping your account active

To avoid the automatic closure of your savings account, Caixa warns about the importance of making regular deposits and transactions.

There is no minimum value for these operations, but constant activity is key to keeping the account functioning and enjoying all the benefits.

How to open and maintain your savings account

Opening a savings account at Caixa is an uncomplicated process, accessible both in person and online.

However, extra attention must be paid to avoid automatic account closure: accounts with no balance and no activity for a period of 180 days will be closed.

Therefore, it is vital to make regular deposits, even if small amounts.

Find out how to check your account activity

If doubts arise about the status of your savings account, Caixa offers simple tools for clarification.

Both at the self-service terminal and internet banking, you can quickly check your account status, ensuring that your savings are always active and contributing to your financial goals.

This statement from Caixa serves as a valuable reminder about the importance of always being informed and active in relation to your finances.

Savings, a classic savings tool, has been reinvented with technology, but it still requires our attention and care to ensure its best use.

How to access the app

Finally, the Caixa Tem application can be accessed through smartphone virtual stores. That is, Apple Store for iOS devices and Google Play Store for Android devices.

The app can be found at this link:

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