Young people between 4 and 17 years old can still receive the School Materials card, find out more

Find out how young people aged 4 to 17 can still obtain the School Materials card. Understand the process, distribution batches and how to keep your data updated to guarantee this benefit.

The opportunity is still open for young students! If you are between 4 and 17 years old and enrolled in the public school system, there is a chance of receiving the School Materials card.

This benefit is a great help, especially for families enrolled in Bolsa Família or similar federal government programs. More details can be found below. Follow along!

School Supplies Card: discover withdrawal dates, available values ​​and tips to ensure your data is correct. (Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

Discover the School Supplies card

Starting this Friday, February 9th, beneficiaries can check where to collect their School Materials card.

Just one click on the Federal District Government website and that's it! You find out where and when to get your card. The withdrawal is organized in a practical way, in alphabetical order.

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Withdrawal Schedule

See what the calendar looks like:

For names starting with A and B: day 16; C to E: day 19; Following with F to J: day 20; K and L: day 21; M to Q: day 22; And ending with R to Z: day 23 .

Lot distribution

In short, batches of School Supplies cards are being released in stages. The first batch has already benefited more than 93 thousand students.

Now, the expectation is that the second batch, released on the 16th, will reach even more students. If you have recently enrolled, keep an eye on the third batch, scheduled for after the start of classes.

Importance of updating registration

An important reminder from the State Department of Education of the Federal District (SEEDF): keep your data always up to date.

After all, information such as NIS, CPF and names of those responsible are crucial to guarantee your benefit. So don’t miss this chance for one detail!

How does the School Material card work?

In short, the School Material card is for those who need it and fit the criteria.

Early childhood, special and elementary school students receive credits of R$320, while high school students have R$240 to spend.

And the best part: there is a list of 339 registered stationery stores ready to meet your school supplies needs.

When buying school supplies, it is essential to plan in advance, research prices and quality, and choose reliable stores, whether physical or online.

Furthermore, checking the suitability and safety of products for children's ages is of paramount importance.

If possible, take advantage of promotions with caution, prioritize sustainable materials and involve your children in the process.

In the latter case, teach them about conscious choices and the value of money, transforming the purchase of school supplies into a safe and educational experience.

Don’t miss this chance! With the School Supplies card, students have the opportunity to start the school year with everything they need.

It is an initiative that makes a difference in the school lives of many young people in DF. Therefore, access, inform yourself and take advantage of this facility. Education is a path full of possibilities, and every step counts!

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