You can now pre-order the Apple Vision Pro, only in the US.

The Apple Vision Pro launches in the US today, ushering in a new era in consumer technology. This device, which Apple prefers to call a “spatial computer” rather than “Augmented Reality Glasses,” is the company’s first mixed reality product, offering a combination of augmented and virtual reality features. What makes it even more exceptional is its innovative control method, which integrates the user’s eye, hand and voice movements.

Tim Cook highlights that the design of Apple’s Vision Pro offers a revolutionary multimedia experience, setting a new standard in wearable technology.

Vision Pro in-store demo

Anticipation around the Apple Vision Pro is high, and Apple Stores across the US are responding to the excitement by opening their doors early, at 8am local time. Those interested can come to these stores to experience first-hand Vision Pro demos, available on a first-come, first-served basis. This opportunity allows customers to immerse themselves in the unique experience offered by this revolutionary device.

A new era at Apple

The launch of the Apple Vision Pro is not only significant for the product itself, but also for what it represents. "The era of spatial computing has arrived," announced Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, highlighting the momentous importance of this launch. According to Cook, the Vision Pro is not just another consumer electronic device; It is the most advanced device ever created, with a revolutionary and magical interface that redefines the way we connect, create and explore.

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