withdrawals from R$ 823.66

Withdrawals from Banco do Brasil released today, with amounts starting at R$823.66: see how to access your salary bonus and plan your budget with this extra benefit.

Imagine opening your account and being faced with a pleasant surprise: an extra amount made available by Banco do Brasil, especially for you.

Banco do Brasil announces the release of the salary bonus, a real injection of energy and resources into the budgets of workers across the country.

With values ​​starting at R$823.66, this benefit arrives at a crucial moment, promising to ease finances and bring more peace of mind to everyday life. Find out more below.

Banco do Brasil announces the release of salary bonuses for thousands of Brazilians. (Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia / pronatec.pro.br).

Banco do Brasil announces release of PIS salary bonus

Banco do Brasil, one of the country’s financial pillars, has just announced the release of the PIS salary bonus. The benefit had been eagerly awaited by workers from the north to the south of Brazil.

As a result, this Thursday, February 15th, marks the beginning of a phase where amounts starting at R$823.66 begin to be made available, bringing welcome relief to the budgets of many families.

When will PIS payments be made?

Namely, in a simplification and organization initiative, Banco do Brasil follows the unified 2024 calendar for salary bonuses.

This scheme allows beneficiaries to be clear about payment dates, which are defined according to the month of birth.

The calendar is divided between PIS and PASEP beneficiaries, thus ensuring that everyone knows exactly when their benefit will be available for withdrawal.

In short, this measure facilitates the financial planning of workers, who can count on this extra income to meet their goals. See below:


January: February 15, 2024February: March 15, 2024March: April 14, 2024April: April 15, 2024May: May 15, 2024June: May 15, 2024July: June 15, 2024August: June 15, 2024September: July 15, 2024October: July 15, 2024November: August 15, 2024December: August 15, 2024

How to consult the PIS?

For those who want to check the amount of the allowance they receive, the process is intuitive and digital. In other words, there is no need to leave the house.

Through the Digital Work Card or the Gov.br portal, accessing with the CPF and password, for example, it is possible to consult payment amounts, dates and locations.

Furthermore, Banco do Brasil provides a simple way to consult the PIS, through its official website (www.bb.com.br).

In principle, this digital facility is an important step in modernizing access to labor rights, allowing each worker, from the comfort of their home or anywhere with internet access, to have control over their benefits.

What is the value of PIS in 2024?

The value of the salary bonus varies according to the number of months worked in the base year considered for the calculation.

This system ensures that the benefit is proportional to the length of service, reflecting the worker’s dedication throughout the year.

The amounts made available by Banco do Brasil for this year range from R$823.66 to R$941.33 for those who worked between 7 and 8 months, respectively. See the table below:

Months worked Value of the Salary Bonus
1 month R$ 118
2 months R$ 235,33
3 months R$ 353,00
Four months R$ 470,65
5 months R$ 588,32
6 months R$ 706,00
7 months R$ 823,66
8 months R$ 941,33
9 months R$ 1.059,00
10 months R$ 1.176,68
11 months R$ 1.294,34
12 months R$ 1.412,00

Who is entitled to PIS?

To access the salary bonus withdrawal in 2024, the worker must meet specific criteria, such as:

Be registered with PIS/PASEP for at least five years; Have worked with a formal contract for at least 30 days in the base year; Have received up to two minimum wages.

Furthermore, it is crucial that labor data is updated in RAIS.

Access your values ​​TODAY

In conclusion, the release of the salary bonus by Banco do Brasil is an event that deserves to be celebrated. It represents significant financial relief and recognition of the work of Brazilians.

With consultation facilities and a clear payment schedule, beneficiaries can better organize themselves and make plans for the conscious use of this benefit.

Therefore, see this moment as an opportunity to improve your quality of life or take that step forward in your personal projects.

Banco do Brasil is committed to facilitating this process, ensuring that you make the most of your salary bonus.

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