Will it rain during Carnival? Find out how to prepare

Will it rain at Carnival? Get ready for partygoers with essential weather information. Find out how to face the forecast weather conditions!

The month of February began with high temperatures and above-average rainfall forecasts in several regions of Brazil.

This is also reflected in expectations for Carnival, with the possibility of unstable weather and rain in much of the country.

More details can be found with Tempo Real in the following lines. So, keep reading.

Check the weather forecast for Carnival. (Photo: Disclosure).

Will it rain at Carnival?

Brazil is currently under the influence of El Niño, a phenomenon that intensifies heat in summer.

Although El Niño is expected to begin to weaken throughout the month, temperatures will remain high.

However, only the North and the states of Mato Grosso and Goiás are expected to have below-average rain. In other regions, the trend is for volumes to be above average for the month of February.

In the Southeast region, rain showers are forecast, which could cause disruption, especially in Greater São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Greater Belo Horizonte. As for Carnival, the heaviest rains should be concentrated in the center-north of the country.

Meteorologist Andrea Ramos highlights that, although it is too early to say that the rains will ruin Carnival, a period of unstable weather is expected, and the possibility of rain cannot be ruled out.

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Pre-carnival and the climate in Brazil

This pre-carnival weekend, February 3rd and 4th, rain is expected to hit a large part of Brazil, with the exception of the South and Northeast regions, which should not experience significant rain showers.

For revelers in the Southeast, muggy weather, varying cloud cover and frequent rain are expected during Carnival.

In the South region, the sun should predominate in most of the territory, but with a warning of storms in the north of Paraná.

In the Northeast, there is a chance of heavy rain showers and a risk of thunderstorms in Salvador, while Fortaleza and Recife may also face frequent, but temporary, rains.

In the North, temperatures will be high, with the possibility of isolated rain in some areas.

In addition to the rain, temperatures in February are expected to remain above average for the period. Inmet highlights that thermometers must register temperatures above 25ºC in all regions.

Furthermore, there is the possibility of new heat waves, especially in areas of the South, Mato Grosso do Sul and west of São Paulo.

Will it rain at Carnival? See the weather forecast for February, region by region

Southeast Region: The interior of São Paulo and the extreme east of the region are expected to experience above average temperatures, with peaks above 33ºC in São Paulo and above 38ºC in Rio de Janeiro. The coastal strip will also be very hot, but with frequent rains expected. Northeast Region: Temperatures will rise above average in much of the region, with warmer nights and early mornings on the coast. Above-average rainfall is expected in Bahia, especially in the interior of the state, and there is a risk of storms in Salvador.Northern Region: Heat will predominate in most of the region, with temperatures above average, although heat extremes will be mitigated by humidity high. Rainfall will increase, but with volumes below average in most areas. Central-West Region: High temperatures are expected throughout Mato Grosso and Mato Grosso do Sul, with frequent rains in Goiânia and Brasília. The second half of the month may bring unseasonably cold weather in some areas. Southern Region: The heat will be intense in Rio Grande do Sul and western Paraná, with the possibility of heat waves in areas close to Argentina and Paraguay. Localized rain showers and storms are expected, with above-average volumes on the coast of Santa Catarina and Paraná.

Finally, to enjoy Carnival and face the weather conditions, it is important to pay attention to the weather forecast in your region and prepare in advance.

Therefore, ensure a safe and fun celebration.

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