Will INSS agencies close? Understand the 48+ hour break!

Soon, INSS agencies will close their doors. This way, anyone who needs to resolve pending issues should speed up the process as soon as possible!

Carnival is a time of celebration and joy, but also of planning, especially for those who need essential services.

If you are wondering about the operation of INSS agencies during Carnival 2024, we have the information you need!

INSS agencies will be temporarily closed during Carnival. Check out! / Photo: Gov.br

Alternative service channels

For those who need information or services during the holiday, Central 135 and the Meu INSS portal (Android: or iOS: are great options.

Central 135 will operate with human service from 7am to 6pm on the 10th, 12th and 13th, and will return to normal hours on Wednesday.

Meu INSS, available both via the website and app, offers more than 100 digital services, operating 24 hours a day, every day.

INSS agencies will close on holiday

During Carnival, specifically on February 12th and 13th, all INSS agencies will be closed.

But do not worry! Service will resume on Ash Wednesday, the 14th, from 2pm. It is important to be aware if you have any scheduled appointments for these dates.

Stay informed and prepared

Carnival is a period of rest and fun, but it also requires an extra dose of organization, especially for those who depend on services such as those offered by the INSS.

Check your schedules, use digital channels and enjoy the holiday without worries!

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Carry out the proof of life before INSS agencies close

Furthermore, proof of life is a mandatory procedure for all INSS beneficiaries, including retirees, pensioners and those receiving long-term benefits.

In 2024, the INSS will call on around 43 million people to carry out this process, which aims to prevent fraud and ensure that payments are made correctly to legitimate recipients.

How proof of life works

Proof of life can be carried out in two ways: in person, at the paying agency’s service counters or at self-service terminals, and digitally, by logging into the gov.br portal.

The new approach allows the procedure to be carried out online, bringing more convenience to beneficiaries, especially the elderly.

Taking the life test online

To provide proof of life online, you can use the gov.br app or the Meu INSS app. The process includes simple steps, such as accessing the app, selecting the proof of life option and following the instructions for facial recognition.

This facility is a great advantage for those who have mobility difficulties or prefer not to travel to a branch.

Required documentation

If you choose proof of life in person, the INSS is now responsible for confirming the beneficiaries’ information, eliminating the need to go to a bank.

Various actions, such as renewing a driver’s license or taking out a loan with biometrics, can serve as proof of life, simplifying the process.

Consequences of Non-Compliance

If the proof of life is not carried out within the deadline, the INSS will contact you to alert the beneficiary.

If, after 60 days, the procedure is still not carried out, the INSS may block and subsequently suspend the benefit. Therefore, it is essential to pay attention to deadlines and carry out proof of life to avoid inconvenience.

Proof of life is a crucial step in maintaining INSS benefits. With the new rules and the possibility of doing it online, the process becomes more accessible and convenient for all beneficiaries.

Pay attention to INSS calls and ensure that your benefits continue to be received without interruptions.

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