Will the class be REQUIRED to pay DAS-Mei with an increase?

The announcement of a possible increase in MEI revenue generated concerns in the category. Find out if the mandatory contribution can increase.

MEI (Individual Microentrepreneur) revenue is being debated again. Registering in the category is certainly the best path for Brazilian freelancers, as there are several advantages.

However, it is necessary to respect Federal Revenue rules, such as the annual revenue ceiling. If the stipulated value is exceeded, the entrepreneur may suffer the consequences provided for by law.

Federal Government can increase MEI revenue – Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia / pronatec.pro.br

What is the MEI billing value?

Currently, MEI’s revenue is R$81,000. However, the Government is considering increasing the category ceiling. Therefore, many Brazilians fear that approval of the proposal will result in an adjustment of the mandatory contribution.

It is worth highlighting that the approval of Complementary Bill (PLP) 108/21, which deals with the topic, has been under analysis by the Constitution and Justice Committee of the Chamber of Deputies since October 23rd of last year.

The change brings significant expectations to the Brazilian business scenario. After all, if enacted, the law will increase the revenue limit for microentrepreneurs, microenterprises and small businesses covered by Simples Nacional.

The PLP also deals with hiring employees by microentrepreneurs. If approved, he may have up to two employees, as long as the remuneration of each does not exceed the minimum wage or the minimum wage for the professional category.

This represents a considerable evolution in relation to the current rule, which limits hiring to just one employee.

Impact of the change

The increase in the MEI revenue limit to R$ 144 thousand and the possibility of annual adjustment based on inflation promise to strengthen entrepreneurship in Brazil. The PLP offers more flexibility and opportunities for growth.

These changes can:

Encourage business formalization: with higher revenue limits and the possibility of hiring more employees, more entrepreneurs can choose to formalize; Stimulate economic growth: more robust companies have greater capacity for investment and job creation; Increase competitiveness: with the annual update of the MEI revenue ceiling, he can better plan his business.

After all, can DAS also increase?

The answer may seem confusing, but yes and no. As already mentioned, the PLP has been discussed by the National Congress since 2022. Initially, MEI revenue could undergo changes, without interfering with the value of the DAS – Simples Nacional Collection Document.

However, the Federal Government proposes to increase the value of the DAS, if the new revenue limit for the category is approved. Those who receive up to R$81,000 will continue to pay the current amount – which corresponds to 5% of the minimum wage.

Those who receive between R$81 thousand and R$144 thousand, however, can pay R$181.15 – which corresponds to 1.5% of the average monthly revenue if the entrepreneur reaches the annual ceiling of R$144 thousand.

Note that even with the increase in the DAS, the entrepreneur who receives more than R$81 thousand will pay less taxes. After all, he will be able to count on a reduced and simplified load.

Currently, Legal Entities that receive between R$81 thousand and R$144 thousand fall into the micro-enterprise category. The fee varies according to the activity and is greater than R$181.15.

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