Will Brazilians have to PAY to use WhatsApp backup? Understand!

With an important change in the META, will Brazilians really have to pay to use WhatsApp backup? See everything that has already been confirmed.

In a turn of events that took many by surprise, WhatsApp announces a change that could alter the way millions of Brazilians use one of the application’s most essential features.

Imagine opening your favorite messaging app and discovering that one of the features you always took for granted now comes at a cost. This reality has already started to materialize, bringing to light a series of questions about the app! Find out more below.

Will I need to pay to use WhatsApp backup? Credit: Reproduction.

What is a backup?

First of all, let’s clarify what exactly a backup on WhatsApp is. In essence, it is a backup that saves all your conversations, photos, videos and documents shared on the application.

This function is vital for preserving your information and digital memories, especially in cases of device change or data loss.

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Will WhatsApp backup be paid?

With the implementation of a new measure, WhatsApp users will face a major change: backups that were previously stored for free and unlimitedly on Google Drive will now count towards this service’s storage limit.

The change implies a reevaluation of the way users manage their data and the possible need to purchase more space to accommodate their backups.

What changes, in practice, in the WhatsApp backup?

The change primarily affects WhatsApp users using Android devices, who until then enjoyed unlimited backup without impacting their Google Drive storage quota.

From now on, to keep their conversations and files safe, they will need to be aware of the space available on their Google account or consider purchasing additional storage plans.

Will I need to pay to use WhatsApp backup?

According to WhatsApp’s official announcement, users will be informed about this new policy in the coming months, and must manage their storage space on Google Drive in accordance with the new rules.

For those who exceed the 15GB free limit, you will need to opt for one of the paid plans offered by Google Drive, starting at 100GB for a monthly fee.

A tip to save space is to disable video backup, which generally takes up more space. This can be done in the app’s settings, ensuring that only essential items like photos, voice messages, documents and conversations are automatically saved.

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Update already has a date?

The WhatsApp backup change opens a new chapter in the way we interact with our digital data.

With storage technologies and policies constantly evolving, it’s critical to stay informed and adaptable to ensure our information remains secure and accessible, without unwanted surprises.

Finally, it is worth remembering that the update is already being included in the latest version of WhatsApp for Android.

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