Will the Brazilian working day only have 4 days a week? Understand!

The 4-day-a-week working day promises to transform the routine of Brazilians, maintaining productivity and improving well-being. Find out how national companies are adopting this approach.

Imagine waking up on a Friday with the luxury of no professional commitments. This scenario, previously distant for many Brazilians, is starting to become a reality in some companies across the country.

The four-day-a-week working day, with maintained wages, promises to revolutionize the work routine, but how is this possible?

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Brazilian companies are testing reduced working hours with surprising results. (Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia / pronatec.pro.br).

NEW working day has attracted attention

First of all, it is important to highlight that, at the moment, the working day of just 4 days a week is nothing more than an audacious pilot project. In other words, it is not in force throughout Brazil.

In principle, national, small and medium-sized companies, accepted the challenge of reducing weekly hours without cutting salaries. The objective is interesting: maintain or even increase productivity.

The strategy is already a success in countries like New Zealand and Iceland, and now Brazil is entering this social and economic experiment.

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What are the benefits of the NEW working day?

Employees report a significant improvement in work-life balance. With three days off, they dedicate themselves to hobbies, personal care and family.

The reduction in absences and delays is a direct reflection of this new dynamic. The feeling of being more present in your personal life reflects positively on the work environment.

Participating companies see an increase in engagement and motivation. Productivity is not only maintained, but in some cases, exceeds expectations.

The secret? Well thought out strategies, such as reviewing processes and adopting technologies that optimize time.

How does the 4-day workday work?

The implementation of this working day varied between companies.

Some chose to give Friday off, while others offered more flexibility, allowing employees to choose their rest day.

Regardless of the approach, the focus is on employee well-being and operational efficiency. In other words, workers’ mental health received special attention.

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of taking care of your mind, and reduced working hours emerge as a valuable tool.

Companies report a decrease in turnover and an increase in talent interest in joining their teams.

Challenges and future perspectives

But not everything is perfect. Some companies around the world are still hesitant to adopt the four-day week, citing challenges such as work overload and the difficulty in meeting constant demands.

In Brazil, for example, project participants face their own challenges, such as adjusting routines to ensure that the quality and delivery of services remain unchanged.

The Brazilian experience, although still in its initial phase, is already attracting interest in several sectors. In total, there are 22 companies with between five and 250 employees. Look:

Hospital Indianópolis (health); Editora Mol, Smart Duo (specialized in architectural projects); Thanks for Sharing (technology specialized in video content and storytelling); Oxygen (innovation content hub); Haze Shift (innovation and digital transformation consultancy );GR Assessoria Contábil (accounting);Alimentare (provision of collective food services);Ab Aeterno (editorial production studio);Grupo Soma (events);Brasil dos Parafusos (wholesale of construction materials);Innuvem Consultoria (technology) ;Inspira Tecnologia (technology);PN Comunicação Visual (graphic design);Clementino & Teixeira (legal office);Plonge Consultoria (human resources);Vockan (technology).

With the participation of companies from different areas, from health to technology, the project aims not only to transform the work environment, but also to create a cultural change in how we understand work and free time.

From when will the NEW working day be valid?

Finally, the four-day-a-week workday in Brazil is still an experiment, but first impressions are promising.

Work-life balance, productivity and employee well-being are at the center of this discussion.

While the world adjusts to new realities, Brazil is taking great strides towards becoming a reference in this new way of looking at work.

Are we facing the future of the job market? Only time will tell, but one thing is certain: the change has already begun.

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