Will app drivers have 100% INSS benefits released? Find out everything!

INSS benefits are of great importance for workers, but only those who contribute monthly can receive them. Will this be the case for app drivers?

App drivers, a growing workforce in Brazil, now have an extra reason to celebrate. After all, your rights are increasingly being guaranteed.

Recently, it was announced that these professionals, together with motorcycle taxi drivers and delivery drivers, can benefit from social security, contributing to the INSS and, thus, having access to a range of social security benefits.

To do this, however, it is important not to lose all the information on how to contribute and what rights you can receive. Let’s go?

App drivers are about to receive more INSS benefits. See how it’s possible! / Photo: publicity

In short, contributing monthly to the INSS is essential to ensure financial security in the future. These contributions ensure access to social security benefits such as retirement, sickness benefit, death pension and maternity pay.

Furthermore, regular contributions maintain the status of insured, allowing you to enjoy benefits when necessary.

Contributing to the INSS is an investment in your peace of mind and well-being, as well as providing support for your family in critical moments.

Therefore, keeping contributions up to date is a responsible and strategic attitude towards a financially stable and secure life.

How can app drivers make a contribution?

To start contributions and guarantee their right to benefits, drivers must access the Meu INSS portal and follow a simple procedure to issue the Social Security Guide (GPS).

With contribution options ranging from 11% to 20% of the minimum wage, there is flexibility that allows workers to choose the plan that best adapts to their conditions.

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Step by step for the contribution of app drivers

Furthermore, to contribute to the INSS as a self-employed worker, follow these simplified steps:

Access to the portal: first, visit the Meu INSS website (and access your account. If you don’t already have one, create it using your personal information and following the instructions; GPS issuance: on the portal, look for the option "GPS" or " Issuance of Guide". You can type "GPS" in the search bar to make it easier; Filling in the data: then, you will need to enter your NIT (Worker Identification Number), which can be your PIS/PASEP or NIS, and confirm your data; Competency selection: choose the month and year referring to the contribution you wish to pay; Payment code: choose the code appropriate to your situation: 1163 for the Simplified Plan with a rate of 11% on the minimum wage, guaranteeing retirement for age;1007 to contribute a percentage of your salary, ranging from 20% of the minimum wage to the INSS ceiling, allowing retirement based on contribution time. Issuance of the guide: after selection, issue the Social Security Guide (GPS); Payment: pay for the GPS by the due date at banks, lottery outlets, or via internet banking.

Remembering that this information is a general guide. For detailed and personalized instructions, always consult the official INSS website and consider seeking guidance from an accountant or professional specializing in social security to ensure you are contributing correctly according to your social security needs and objectives.

Benefits accessible to app drivers

After starting contributions, app drivers are entitled to a series of benefits, such as:

Retirement based on age or contribution time; Death pension; Temporary or permanent incapacity benefit; Accident benefit; Prison benefit; Maternity pay; Family pay.

These benefits are fundamental to the financial security of professionals and their families.

The path to financial security

Contributing to the INSS is a significant step towards the financial security of app drivers. In addition to guaranteeing essential benefits, it reinforces the importance of formalization and financial planning for self-employed professionals and freelancers, promoting a culture of social protection for everyone.

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