Will agencies close for more than 72 hours? Understand!

Why will banks be closed for the next few days? Understand the rules on how banking institutions operate, and prepare your finances.

The news that banks will be closed for more than 72 hours has driven many Brazilians to despair. In a society where financial transactions and the need for banking services are constant, the prospect of not having access to bank branches generates a series of concerns and challenges.

In this sense, why will banks be closed? This article aims to clarify the scenario, detailing what to expect during this interval and how to prepare to face this unprecedented disruption to banking services.

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The importance of banks in everyday life

Banks play a crucial role in everyday life, facilitating everything from routine transactions to complex financial operations.

They are the pillars that support not only personal savings, but also the country’s economic flow.

Therefore, any interruption in its operation can have significant impacts, especially in a period of high economic activity such as February.

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Why will banks be closed?

According to the Brazilian Federation of Banks (Febraban), bank branches will not have public service during Carnival, specifically on Monday (12) and Tuesday (13) of Carnival.

This decision is in line with Resolution No. 4880, of December 23, 2020, of the National Monetary Council, which excludes these days as working days for banking operations purposes.

Therefore, bank branches will actually be closed for around 72 hours. From now on, it is important to mark the date on the calendar to avoid negative surprises.

Although Carnival days are marked by the absence of banking hours, Febraban ensures that service will resume on Ash Wednesday (14), from 12pm local time.

For locations where branches usually close before 3pm, the start of business hours will be adjusted to guarantee at least three hours of service to the public.

Alternatives during closure

Febraban recommends that, on days when branches are closed, customers use digital channels, such as bank apps and websites, to make transfers and payments.

In addition, utility bills and bills due on Carnival days can be paid on the next business day without surcharges.

Planning for Carnival

To avoid unpleasant surprises and ensure that your financial needs are met during Carnival, it is essential to plan in advance.

Check due dates on important bills, schedule payments and transfers, and familiarize yourself with online banking features.

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Stay tuned during the Carnival period

The break in banking hours during Carnival is a reality that requires attention and planning on the part of Brazilians.

Understanding the dates and opening times of banks, as well as exploring alternatives for carrying out financial transactions, is essential to ensure that the party is not interrupted by monetary concerns.

With information and preparation, it is possible to fully enjoy Carnival without forgetting your financial responsibilities.

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