Will the 13th salary be EARLY for those who have a Banco do Brasil account? Find out everything!

Recently, the possibility arose for Banco do Brasil account holders to receive their 13th salary in advance. Check out!

In news that warmed the hearts of Brazilians, Banco do Brasil announced the anticipation of the 13th salary for its account holders, a move that promises to ease the pockets of many in challenging economic times.

This initiative highlights the bank’s commitment to supporting the economic development and financial well-being of its customers. See how to gain access!

Do you need to pay your 13th salary in advance? See how to get it with Banco do Brasil! / Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia / pronatec.pro.br

How does the traditional 13th salary payment work?

In principle, the 13th salary, also known as Christmas bonus, is a benefit granted to Brazilian workers, guaranteed by the country’s legislation.

In short, it is equivalent to an extra salary, payment is made in two installments: the first between February and November and the second until December 20th.

How does payment for workers work?

The total value of the 13th is proportional to the months worked during the year, calculated based on the full salary for the month of December or the average salary received during the year, for those with variable income.

This benefit aims to offer additional financial support to workers at the end of the year.

And how is the calculation for INSS policyholders?

Now, for INSS policyholders, the calculation of the 13th salary, or Christmas bonus, is based on the total value of benefits received throughout the year.

If the insured received the benefit throughout the year, the 13th corresponds to a full monthly benefit.

For those who started receiving the benefit throughout the year, the calculation is proportional to the months of receipt.

Payment is also divided into two installments, with the first being paid between August and September and the second in November or December.

News for beneficiaries

Furthermore, the anticipation of the 13th salary by Banco do Brasil is a blessing for formal workers and retirees, offering a welcome financial breather at the beginning of 2024.

With the possibility of paying up to R$20,000 in advance, this measure allows beneficiaries to better plan their finances, whether to pay off debts, invest or simply enjoy life a little more without the weight of financial worries.

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How to have early access to the 13th salary?

Now, to qualify for the advance payment, it is necessary to be an account holder at Banco do Brasil, receive a salary, retirement or pension from the institution and meet certain credit criteria, including the availability of a limit and the signing of the contract.

This flexibility demonstrates the bank’s effort to adapt its services to the varied needs of its customers, strengthening the relationship of trust and mutual support.

What to consider when hiring?

Although the anticipation of the 13th salary is encouraging news, it is essential that interested parties evaluate interest rates and hiring conditions.

Rates may vary and it is wise to check with your bank to understand the specifics of the arrangement before committing.

This transparency and caution are essential to ensure that the decision to advance the benefit is truly advantageous for the customer.

See if you need an advance payment on your 13th salary

Finally, Banco do Brasil’s decision to advance the 13th salary reflects a deep understanding of its customers’ needs and a genuine desire to contribute to their financial stability.

At a time when every dollar counts, this measure comes as a relief and proof that, even in the largest institutions, customer well-being remains a priority.

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