Which version of the iPhone is still worth buying? List brings together the best 'oldies'!

Many people have doubts about which version of the iPhone is still worth it. For example, button models are already seen as very outdated.

When choosing an iPhone, many wonder to what extent it is worth investing in an older model. Nowadays, a cell phone must be more current to meet users’ needs.

With the launch of the iPhone 15, previous models still promise updates for a few years, but which one is the true value for money champion for 2024? Check out!

Still don’t know which version of the iPhone is best for you? See models that are still worth it! / Photo: publicity

Connectivity and updates: what to consider

The first point to consider is 5G connectivity, available from the iPhone 12 onwards. This ensures that you won’t be left behind in new network technologies.

Additionally, the upgradability of the operating system is crucial. Older models can quickly become obsolete, losing access to new iOS features.

Price: the deciding factor for each version of the iPhone

Although Apple does not usually offer significant discounts, it is possible to find previous models with more affordable prices, especially after the launch of a new generation. Research is the key to finding the best deal.

Differences between models

From the third-generation iPhone SE to the latest iPhone 15, each model offers incremental improvements, especially in cameras and processing power.

The iPhone SE, for example, is the most affordable, while the iPhone 14 stands out as a balanced option between price and updated features.

The smart choice

Considering price, future updates and features, the iPhone 14 appears as a smart choice for those looking for a current device without compromising their budget.

For photography aficionados, the iPhone 15, with its advanced cameras, may be worth the extra investment.

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Choose the best version of the iPhone for your case

In short, when choosing a version of the iPhone, it is essential to consider your current and future needs, in addition to your available budget.

With careful research, you can find the model that best suits your lifestyle and financial expectations.

Coupons to help you choose the best version of the iPhone

When searching for the perfect iPhone, finding ways to save is always welcome and discount coupons appear as an excellent strategy.

Whether you’re a fan of Apple technology or someone looking for their first experience with an iPhone, understanding how to choose and use discount coupons can make all the difference.

The art of choosing the right coupon

With the growing popularity of online shopping, the search for discount coupons has become a habit among consumers.

For those looking to purchase an iPhone, using coupons can mean significant savings. Authorized stores and partners often offer discounts that can be applied to the purchase of different models of iPhones, from the most recent to previous versions that are still valuable.

Some examples are Méliuz, Cuponomia, Groupon or Cuponeria. So, just enter the websites you want to buy and bet on those items.

Strategies for maximum benefit

When opting for a discount coupon, consider some factors to ensure you are making the right choice.

First, check the validity of the coupon and the conditions of use, such as minimum purchase value or specific products. Plus, compare available discounts to ensure you’re getting the best deal possible.

For iPhone enthusiasts, discount coupons can be an effective way to purchase the much-desired device without breaking the bank.

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