When will monthly WhatsApp billing start? Find out everything!

Many rumors about an alleged WhatsApp monthly charge have emerged, but are they true? To be sure of this, it is important to understand the topic.

The era of free and unlimited storage for WhatsApp users may be over. This caused many people to be astonished.

Until then, anyone who uses the application on Android and has a Google account could save their message history on Google Drive without consuming the 15 GB quota offered for free. But, changes are on the way. Check out!

Have you heard about WhatsApp’s new monthly charge? Understand what it’s all about! / Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia / pronatec.pro.br

Is this the end of free storage?

Google signals the end of the unlimited space courtesy for WhatsApp data. With the large volume of videos and photos we often exchange, available space can quickly run out, especially if you also use Google Drive for other purposes, such as storing your personal photos in Google Photos.

How to avoid WhatsApp monthly charges

To get around the imminent limitation, Android users will be able to opt for Google One, a subscription service that offers more cloud storage space.

Plans range from 100 GB for R$7.99 per month to more robust 20 TB options. Another alternative, free but requiring a little more effort, is to create a new Google account exclusively for WhatsApp backup, guaranteeing an additional 15 GB for your messages.

Strategies to avoid falling into monthly WhatsApp charges

Those who prefer not to subscribe can adopt the practice of regularly cleaning their WhatsApp conversations, reducing the size of backups and, consequently, the need for extra space. This option requires discipline, but can represent significant savings.

The change is not immediate yet, but it is important to start thinking about how to adapt your digital storage routines to avoid unpleasant surprises in the future.

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WhatsApp innovates with blocking contacts directly from notifications

Ademias, WhatsApp has just launched a tool that promises to make users’ lives even more practical and secure.

Now, it will be possible to block suspicious messages and their senders directly from notifications, without having to open the application.

This new feature is a great help, especially to combat frequent phishing attempts in the messenger.

Goodbye, unwanted messages!

With this update, when you receive a message from a stranger, you can tap and hold the notification to access the "Block" option, located just below the standard "Reply" action.

When choosing to block, WhatsApp will display a confirmation screen, ensuring that you will no longer be able to interact with the contact in question. This way, the last five messages received will be forwarded to the application for analysis.

A step forward in the fight against phishing

This facility is especially valuable in the face of numerous cases of phishing, where criminals try to trick users into stealing personal data or money.

Although WhatsApp is in a constant battle against spam, this new feature makes it simple to manage unwanted messages directly from the lock screen.

The update is now available for iPhone and Android smartphone users. This reinforces WhatsApp’s position as the most popular messaging app in Brazil. In a country where the phone number is the main link between app users, this new tool is essential to maintain everyone’s security and privacy.

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