When does the deadline for DECLARING IR begin in 2024?

The deadline for declaring Income Tax (IR) 2024 has already been defined by the Federal Revenue, with exemption for those earning up to two minimum wages.

The new Income Tax table in 2024 was published in Provisional Measure 1,206/2024, which came into force on February 14, 2024.

The monthly progressive income tax table, which previously was up to R$1,903.98, now exempts those who receive up to R$2,259.20. The MP also increases the exemption range for those who receive up to two minimum wages, which is equivalent to R$2,824.00 in 2024.

Regarding the date for submitting the declaration, it remains the same as last year. Continue reading this article to check all Federal Revenue deadlines

Brazilians need to pay attention to the Income Tax submission deadline – Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia / pronatec.pro.br

Income Tax (IR) 2024: what you need to know about the declaration deadline

As the tax year approaches, preparing for the Income Tax (IR) declaration becomes a priority for many Brazilians. In 2024, the Federal Revenue established the declaration period between March 15th and May 31st.

In this way, it offers taxpayers two and a half months to comply with this obligation for the base year 2023. This period is crucial to avoid fines for late delivery.

The big news this year is the income tax exemption for those earning up to two minimum wages, a measure that directly benefits 15.8 million Brazilians, according to the Ministry of Finance.

This change in the IR table, which raised the exemption ceiling to R$2,824.00 per month, reflects a government effort to alleviate the tax burden on the most vulnerable section of the population.

Who must declare?

The rules for mandatory IR declaration remain focused on the taxpayer’s annual income, with specific tax rate ranges and deductions for different income levels.

The progressive income tax table was adjusted, including rates ranging from total exemption for income up to R$2,112.00 per month to 27.5% for income above R$4,664.68.

Benefits and obligations

This tax update aims to simplify understanding and compliance with tax obligations, while encouraging social justice through the tax system.

It is important that all taxpayers verify their need to declare income tax, considering not only taxable income, but also possible applicable deductions, such as medical and educational expenses.

See the new Income Tax table in 2024

With that in mind, check out this year's IR table.

Gross Monthly Income Aliquot Deduction
Up to R$2,259.20 Free
From R$ 2,259.21 to R$ 2,826.65 7,5% R$ 165,74
From R$ 2,826.66 to R$ 3,751.05 15% R$ 373,35
From R$ 3,751.06 to R$ 4,664.68 22,5% R$ 636,13
Above R$4,664.68 27,5% R$ 869,36

Check more Income Tax details

The table above applies to the simplified declaration model.

For more information about Income Tax, see the Federal Revenue website: https://www.gov.br/receitafederal/pt-br.

It is worth noting that on the agency’s website, taxpayers can check more details of the IR declaration. Furthermore, you can install the program to send documents.

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