WhatsApp changes crucial feature and requires PAYMENT: what now?

Understand the imminent changes to WhatsApp: the platform is about to require payment for storing backups on Google Drive, impacting millions of users.

WhatsApp, one of the most used messaging platforms in the world, is about to implement a significant change that could directly affect users’ experience.

For years, the ability to make automatic backups to Google Drive without consuming available storage space has been a benefit widely appreciated by users.

However, recent rumors suggest that this free perk may have its days numbered, with the company planning to demand payment for the service. Find out more below.

WhatsApp is changing: get ready for the possibility of paying for storing backups on Google Drive. (Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia / pronatec.pro.br).

PAID WhatsApp? Understand the controversy

Since its creation, WhatsApp has become an essential tool for modern communication, connecting people around the world quickly and conveniently.

Part of this convenience lies in the ability to automatically back up conversations, ensuring that important information and precious memories are always available.

However, with the possibility of becoming a paid service, there is a concern that this convenience will only be available to those who can afford the additional costs.

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End of UNLIMITED storage

Currently, users can enjoy unlimited storage, without WhatsApp data consuming the 15 GB offered for free by Google Drive.

However, rumors point to a scenario where this era of free storage may be coming to an end.

Free Google accounts allow you to store up to 15 GB of data in Google Drive, and WhatsApp data does not count towards this quota.

In other words, it means users can save their messages at no additional cost. However, there are indications that Google is planning to end this benefit soon.

If indeed closed, the decision would directly affect the convenience of data recovery when switching smartphones.

For WhatsApp users on Android, this can present a challenge, especially if your message history contains a lot of videos and photos.

Google Drive’s limited space can run out quickly, especially for those who use the space to store photos in Google Photos.

But calm down, there are solutions!

Below are three strategies to overcome this scenario:

Google One subscription: The most direct option, although paid, would be to join the Google One subscription service, which offers different cloud storage plans. Basic (100 GB): R$7.99 (monthly) or R$79 .90 (annual) Standard (200 GB): R$ 11.99 (monthly) or R$ 119.90 (annual) Premium (2 TB): R$ 38.99 (monthly) or R$ 389.90 (annual )New Google Account for WhatsApp: A free option involves creating a new Google account dedicated exclusively to storing WhatsApp data. Although this requires additional manipulation in the application, it provides an additional 15 GB dedicated to conversations.Regular Conversation Cleanup: A more labor-intensive, but free, alternative would be to perform regular conversation cleanups to reduce the size of backups. Although it requires discipline, this approach can be an effective way to save space and avoid additional costs.

As WhatsApp prepares to implement this significant change to its business model, users are encouraged to reflect on what this change means and how they want to proceed.

Although it is understandable that the company is looking for new ways to monetize its services, it is important that users’ interests and needs are taken into account.

In the meantime, it’s critical to explore all available options and make informed decisions about how to manage your data and preserve your WhatsApp conversations.

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