WhatsApp BETA launches innovative new feature you need to check out today (12)

WhatsApp is bringing new features to its users. This time, those who like to interact with channels win.

WhatsApp Beta for Android has just launched a feature that promises to revolutionize the way we interact with the application, more specifically in relation to channels.

This innovation, discovered by the WABetaInfo team, brings an even more personalized and convenient user experience, allowing you to keep the most relevant channels always in view. Check out!

Are you familiar with WhatsApp channels? See which feature will make it easier for you to interact with them! / Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia / pronatec.pro.br

The new era of channels on WhatsApp

Channels on WhatsApp have transformed the way we receive news and updates, connecting us directly to reliable sources and content of interest.

With the growing adoption of this functionality comes the challenge of maintaining organization and easy access to the channels that matter most. This is where the option to pin channels becomes a real game-changer.

Step by step: how to pin channels on WhatsApp Beta

Pinning a channel on WhatsApp Beta is simple and intuitive:

Open WhatsApp Beta on your Android device.Go to the updates page.Choose the channel you want to pin.Tap and hold the desired channel until a menu appears.Select "Pin Channel".

Voila! The chosen channel will remain at the top of your updates page, guaranteeing immediate access whenever you want.

Why pin channels?

By pinning channels, you ensure that the most relevant information is always just a tap away, without the need to browse an increasingly extensive list of content.

In addition to optimizing your time, this functionality helps keep your updates page organized, highlighting what really matters.

The future is even more promising!

Although the feature of pinning channels already represents a major advance, WhatsApp Beta doesn’t stop there. Future updates promise to allow the fixation of multiple channels, expanding the customization possibilities and making the experience even richer and adapted to your preferences.

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Make the most of WhatsApp Beta

If you are a WhatsApp enthusiast and love being at the forefront of news, WhatsApp Beta is the place for you.

In addition to testing features such as channel fixing first-hand, you contribute to the constant improvement of the application, enjoying an experience that is increasingly refined and aligned with your needs.

With the new option to pin channels, WhatsApp Beta reaffirms its commitment to offering not just a messaging app, but a dynamic and adaptable platform, ready to meet the demands of modern and effective communication. Try, customize and always stay informed with WhatsApp Beta!

See how to improve the security of your app

To reinforce security and privacy on WhatsApp, the application offers the option of activating a password for access, a crucial measure especially in situations where the cell phone is lost or stolen, helping to prevent cloning or data theft.

With the biometric protection tool, compatible with both Android and iOS, authentication is done through Touch ID for iPhones up to the 8 Plus model, and Face ID for subsequent models, while Android devices with a fingerprint reader also support this functionality.

To activate, simply access WhatsApp settings, go to "Account" > "Privacy" and select "Fingerprint lock", setting the interval for automatic blocking.

Additionally, a feature was recently introduced that allows you to lock and hide specific conversations with a password, increasing the security of shared information.

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