What happens if I don't pay IPVA? See the consequences of this DEFAULT!

The tax payment date is approaching and not paying IPVA could get you in trouble. So, see the consequences and don’t waste time!

Have you ever stopped to think about what really happens when we decide not to pay IPVA? This tax, which often weighs on the budget, plays a crucial role in keeping our vehicles up to date and in the legality of our driving.

However, failing to pay it can have consequences that are much more expensive than the tax amount itself. Check out some of these harms below and rethink your payment!

Are you worried about what happens if you don’t pay IPVA? Well it should! Know the consequences. / Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia / pronatec.pro.br

After all, what is IPVA for?

In summary, the IPVA (Motor Vehicle Ownership Tax) is a mandatory annual fee for vehicle owners.

Its main function is to raise funds for state and municipal governments, which use these resources in various areas, such as urban infrastructure, health and education.

The IPVA value is calculated based on the market value of the vehicle and may vary according to the state and type of vehicle.

What happens if I don’t pay IPVA?

Below are some consequences of not paying tax.

Interest and fines take the toll of procrastination

Firstly, when you fail to pay the IPVA within the stipulated period, which varies according to the end of the vehicle’s license plate and the state, you are subject to daily fines that can vary from 0.33% to 2.0%, in addition to interest based on the Selic rate.

These additional amounts can transform the initial debt into a much more substantial debt.

In-game documentation

Then, with the IPVA late, you are unable to regularize the CRVL (Vehicle Registration and Licensing Certificate), an essential document for the legal circulation of the car.

For example, being caught in a traffic stop with an expired document can result in a very serious fine of R$293.47, seven points on your driver’s license and retention of the vehicle until regularization.

The ghost of active debt

Furthermore, many do not know, but non-payment of the IPVA can lead to the vehicle owner’s name being placed on active debt, a kind of "black list" of debtors to the government, be it municipal, state or federal.

This not only tarnishes your name, but can also generate even greater complications, such as the impossibility of obtaining financing or loans.

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Keep an eye on your debt by not paying IPVA

Now, if you suspect that you may be in active debt due to IPVA, the best way to confirm is through the State Attorney General’s Office or the Finance Department portal.

Staying informed and settling any pending issues as soon as possible is crucial to avoid major headaches.

Various problems when not paying IPVA

In short, not paying IPVA may seem like a momentary solution to a financial crunch, but the consequences of this choice can be much more serious and expensive in the long term.

It is worth reflecting on the importance of keeping these commitments up to date, not only for the legal aspect, but also for the peace of mind that regularity provides.

When can I be exempt from IPVA?

Finally, there are several situations that can exempt a vehicle owner from paying IPVA.

For example, vehicles adapted for use by people with disabilities, taxis, and official vehicles of government entities are generally exempt.

Additionally, many states offer an exemption for older vehicles, with the age criteria varying from 10 to 30 years, depending on local legislation.

Vehicles from philanthropic and education and social assistance entities may also be eligible for exemption, as long as their exclusive use for these purposes is duly proven.

The IPVA exemption aims to support specific groups and encourage practices that are beneficial to the community.

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