What day does CARNIVAL fall in 2024? Is it a holiday? Check the dates in February

Are you excited to spend Carnival? Find out when you fall, if you can take time off and all the most important information!

The 2024 Carnival promises to bring all the joy and festivity that characterize one of the biggest celebrations in Brazil! The party that sweeps the country from north to south promises to be an unforgettable event.

Have you ever felt that growing anticipation, the palpable excitement in the air as Carnival approaches? Well, this energy is about to envelop cities and hearts again, bringing with it the color, music and dance that make this party a globally recognized spectacle. Are we going to know everything about the date?

Thinking about enjoying Carnival this year? Find out all the important information about the date! / Photo: Valter Campanato – AgĂȘncia Brasil

When does Carnival 2024 start?

In principle, Carnival, with its floating date, is defined based on Easter, always 46 days before it.

In 2024, therefore, the revelry is scheduled for Monday and Tuesday, February 12th and 13th, preceding Ash Wednesday on the 14th.

This festival, which transcends the religious aspect, has become a cultural phenomenon that reflects the diversity and cultural richness of Brazil.

After all, is Carnival a holiday or an optional event?

Here’s a curious detail: Carnival is not technically a national holiday, but rather an optional event.

This means that releasing work on these days is at the discretion of each company or institution, so everything will depend on the agreement between the employer and employees.

Can I miss work to skip Carnival?

As previously stated, on optional days, absence from work is not automatically justified, as they are not considered official holidays.

Therefore, to miss work without penalty, it is essential to check the internal policy of your company or public body.

Some organizations adopt the optional position and release their employees, while others maintain their normal activities.

It is always recommended to confirm in advance and, if necessary, formalize the request for time off in accordance with the workplace rules.

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And after the festivities, what can we expect?

Furthermore, after Carnival, the next national holiday will be Good Friday, on March 29th.

Each year brings a new opportunity to experience this magic, whether in the grandiose samba school parades, in the lively street blocks or in the tranquility of those who prefer to observe the party from afar. And you, how do you plan to dive into this experience in 2024?

Holidays and optional points in 2024

Finally, see this year’s list of celebrations. Remembering that on holidays it is common for there to be time off for Brazilians who do not work in essential sectors, which does not happen in optional areas.

Holiday dates:

January 1st: World Celebration (Monday) March 29th: Good Friday (Friday) April 21st: Tiradentes Day (Sunday) May 1st: International Workers’ Day (Wednesday) September 7th: Brazilian Independence Day (Saturday) October 12th: Day of the Patroness of Brazil, Our Lady of Aparecida (Saturday) November 2nd: Day of the Dead (Saturday) November 15th: Day of the Proclamation of the Republic (Friday) 20th November: Black Awareness Day (Wednesday) December 25: Christmas Day (Wednesday)

Optional point dates:

February 12th: Carnival Party (Monday); February 13th: Continuation of Carnival (Tuesday); February 14th: Day after Carnival, Ash Wednesday (Wednesday); May 30th: Corpus Christi (Thursday); October 28: Public Employee Day (Monday).

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