What activities can MEI carry out in 2024? See the complete LIST!

Every year there are some changes in the activities that MEI can carry out. 2024 was no different, so it’s good to be informed so you don’t make the mistake of choosing something not covered.

Did you know that Individual Microentrepreneurs (MEI) have at their disposal a wide range of occupations permitted to work formally?

In 2024, this list has 467 occupations, opening up a range of possibilities for those who wish to undertake or formalize their situation. So, see what they are!

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How to open MEI?

In principle, to open an MEI, the process is simple and completely online, and can be done through the Entrepreneur Portal (https://www.gov.br/empresas-e-negocios/pt-br/empreendedor).

First, access the website and check if your activity falls within those permitted for MEI. Then, fill out the form with your personal data, such as CPF and date of birth, and follow the instructions to complete your registration.

You will need to provide information about the type of business and location of operation. Upon completion, you will receive the Individual Microentrepreneur Status Certificate (CCMEI), making the opening of your MEI official.

A universe of possibilities for MEI

Since its creation in 2008, the MEI category has revolutionized the Brazilian business scenario, facilitating the formalization of several professionals.

With the possibility of choosing between 467 occupations, MEIs have the chance to legalize their activities, gaining access to important benefits such as social security coverage, issuing an invoice and the possibility of hiring an employee. See the full list here: https://encurtador.com.br/abkFU.

Benefits within reach

In addition to the wide range of permitted occupations, being a MEI brings a series of advantages, such as simplifying tax payments, through a fixed monthly amount that covers federal, state and municipal taxes.

This modality also offers social security rights such as retirement, sick pay and maternity leave, providing greater security for the entrepreneur and his family.

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What tax obligations does MEI have?

The MEI has simplified tax obligations, but are essential for maintaining its regularity. Firstly, the MEI must make the monthly payment of the Simplified Collection Document (DAS), which is a fixed amount that includes taxes such as ISS, ICMS and the contribution to the INSS.

Furthermore, the annual delivery of the Simples Nacional Annual Declaration (DASN-SIMEI) is mandatory, where the MEI reports the previous year’s revenue, ensuring transparency about its revenues.

Another requirement is the issuance of an invoice for companies or when the service or product is supplied outside the state of operation.

Although the invoice for the final consumer is waived, it is recommended to maintain strict control of sales and services provided. Fulfilling these obligations guarantees the benefits of formalization and avoids problems with inspection.

Growth and development

The MEI category was a milestone for entrepreneurship in Brazil, taking millions of workers out of informality.

In 15 years of existence, the number of MEIs has grown exponentially, highlighting the importance of this modality for the country’s economy and for the development of small businesses.

Become MEI right now!

If you are thinking about becoming a MEI or want to know more about the occupations permitted in 2024, explore the possibilities and see how this modality can fit into your professional life plan.

Remember, formalization not only offers legal and social security benefits but also contributes to your recognition in the market, opening doors to new business opportunities and partnerships.

The MEI category is a powerful tool for those who want to undertake business safely and sustainably. Get informed, plan and take the next step towards the success of your business.

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