Was Bolsa Família CANCELED? See how to appeal the program’s decision

According to the Federal Government, Brazilians who do not meet the criteria may have Bolsa Família canceled. See how to appeal the decision.

Bolsa Família is one of the main – if not the main – social program in Brazil. It was created in 2003, when Lula ascended the presidency of the Republic for the first time in history.

Last year, he took on his third term as head of the Federal Executive and opted to return the program. With this, the Ministry of Social Development and Fight Against Hunger (MDS) announced a series of changes.

In 2023, many Brazilians were canceled from Bolsa Família. This year, the department kept a fine-toothed comb. Continue reading this article to find out what to do if your benefit has been cut.

Find out what to do if your Bolsa Família is canceled – Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia / pronatec.pro.br

My Bolsa Família was cancelled, what now?

First of all, it is important to provide more details about Bolsa Família. Income transfer is essential for millions of Brazilian families in conditions of poverty and extreme poverty.

However, beneficiaries may face challenges such as blockages and cancellations, affecting their financial stability.

To resolve these situations and potentially reverse the cancellation of the benefit, it is crucial to update your registration and understand preventive measures.

How to appeal the decision?

To contest the cancellation and try to reinstate the benefit, the steps include:

Registration Update: essential to maintain the benefit, the update must be done at the Bolsa Família or CadÚnico service centers, taking personal documents from all family members; Wait for Review: after the registration update, unlocking the benefit can take up to 90 days, depending on MDS review.

Preventing blocks and cancellations

Avoiding blocks and cancellations involves regularizing pending issues such as:

Regularity of the CPF: from 2024, irregular CPFs may lead to the benefit being blocked. It is vital to check the situation with the IRS and regularize it if necessary; Maintenance of registration data: outdated data is a common cause of blocks. The legislation requires updating every two years or when there are significant changes in the family situation; Compliance with conditionalities: minimum school attendance and prenatal care are essential for maintaining the benefit

What is the value of the benefit?

Bolsa Família is worth at least R$600. Families with up to four people can receive this amount. However, families with five people or more receive R$142 per person.

There are additional benefits. Brazilians who have children up to six years of age receive R$150 per person in this age group. Meanwhile, children between seven and 18 years old receive R$50.

Pregnant and breastfeeding women can also receive an additional R$50, according to the new income transfer rules.

Benefit calendar

Bolsa Família is paid according to the beneficiary’s NIS (Social Registration Number). Check out the February calendar.

The NIS that ends in 1 will receive it on February 16th;The NIS that ends in 2 will receive it on February 19th;The NIS that ends in 3 will receive it on February 20th;The NIS that ends in 4 will receive on February 21st;The NIS that ends in 5 will receive it on February 22nd;The NIS that ends in 6 will receive it on February 23rd;The NIS that ends in 7 will receive it on February 26th;The NIS that ends in 8 will receive it on February 27th;The NIS that ends in 9 will receive it on February 28th;The NIS that ends in 0 will receive it on February 29th.

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