Warning against glucose smart watches and rings

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued a safety warning, urging consumers to avoid purchasing and using smart watches and smart rings that promise to measure blood glucose levels through non-invasive methods. According to the FDA, these devices can lead to errors in diabetes management, including administering medications at incorrect doses.

Consumers should exercise caution with smart watches and rings that promise to monitor blood glucose without FDA authorization, thus avoiding medication errors.

Devices not authorized by the FDA

To date, no smartwatch or smart ring intended to measure or estimate blood glucose values ​​non-invasively has been cleared, approved, or cleared by the FDA. These devices differ from continuous glucose monitors (CGMs) that transmit data through an app on the smartwatch.

Rumors about Apple and glucose monitoring

Apple is reportedly developing a version of the Apple Watch capable of measuring blood glucose non-invasively. However, the launch of such a device is still several years away. Apple has explored optical absorption spectroscopy as a method of determining glucose levels without penetrating the skin, although its research is still in the proof-of-concept phase.

Warning about low-cost devices

There are several low-cost smartwatches and smart rings on the market that claim to be able to monitor glucose levels without needing to prick the skin or integrate with a CGM device. The FDA recommends that patients avoid these devices and that doctors warn about the risks of using unauthorized glucose monitoring products.

The FDA is committed to protecting public health by ensuring that blood glucose monitoring devices, such as future smartwatches, meet safety standards before they are marketed.

FDA Commitment to Safety

The FDA is actively working to ensure that manufacturers, distributors, and sellers do not illegally market unauthorized smartwatches or smart rings that claim to measure blood glucose levels.

Approval required for innovative technology

If Apple, or any other company like Samsung, manages to develop and launch a device with non-invasive blood glucose monitoring capabilities, it will need to obtain FDA approval before it can be marketed in the US. As of today, there is no a non-invasive method of blood glucose monitoring tested and approved on the market.

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