Vision Pro brings new features in privacy

Apple recently shared detailed documentation on the privacy and security measures implemented in its new device, the Vision Pro. This release marks a significant step in protecting user privacy on mixed reality devices.

Privacy features in visionOS

The visionOS operating system, designed specifically for the Vision Pro, includes several key privacy policies. Apple ensures that the direction of the user’s gaze before interacting with the content is not shared with Apple or with the applications used, remaining exclusively on the device.

The Apple Vision Pro redefines the technology market, presenting a device that harmonizes mixed reality with a cutting-edge design, promising an unprecedented experience.

Apps require express permission to access information about the user’s environment, thus protecting their privacy. In addition, visionOS protects information about people who are physically close to you, preventing it from being shared with applications, websites, and Apple.

Encryption and authentication

The creation of personas is done entirely on the device, and the associated data is encrypted. For authentication, Vision Pro uses Optic ID, an iris recognition system whose data is also encrypted and never leaves the device.

Guest user mode and additional protections

Vision Pro allows you to limit the applications accessible in guest user mode, offering only those that are visible at that moment. This feature adds an extra layer of security and privacy for users.

Tim Cook highlights that the design of Apple’s Vision Pro offers a revolutionary multimedia experience, setting a new standard in wearable technology.

Advanced privacy features

Apple incorporates advanced privacy features in visionOS such as Application Tracking Transparency, Advanced Data Protection, iCloud Private Relay, Hide My Email, among others. iMessage Contact Verification has been added in the visionOS 1.1 beta, further strengthening security in communication between users.

The Vision Pro was launched in the US earlier this month, and Apple plans its launch in other countries later in the year.

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