VISA allows credit cards with a limit of R$15,000? Understand the benefits available

With a new VISA credit card, Brazilians can obtain a limit of more than R$15,000, in addition to great benefits! See if it’s worth requesting.

A new credit card option appears on the horizon, bringing with it a generous limit and a range of exclusive benefits that go far beyond financial transactions. But what makes this offer so special?

And, most importantly, what are the advantages that come with this new financial instrument? Below, we will focus on the details of this new feature and explore each benefit that is being made available.

Everything about the benefits of the VISA credit card! Credit: Reproduction.

Benefits for credit card customers

In the competitive credit card market, companies constantly seek to differentiate themselves by offering exclusive benefits to their customers.

Such advantages not only attract new users, but also retain current ones, creating a bond based on the appreciation and recognition of consumers’ needs and desires.

From accumulating points on purchases to insurance and exclusive assistance, these benefits reflect the understanding that, today, a credit card is much more than just a means of payment.

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Discover the Caixa VISA Infinite card

Recently, Caixa Econômica Federal announced the launch of the Caixa Visa Infinite Card, a credit option that raises the level of national and international purchases, and also rewards users with a series of benefits and facilities.

This card is accepted worldwide and is associated with a points program, exclusive offers, and much more, all with a minimum contract limit of R$15,000.00.

What are the benefits of the Caixa Visa Infinite card?

With a minimum limit of R$15,000.00, the Caixa Visa Infinite Card allows users a wide spectrum of purchases, both nationally and internationally.

For every US$ 100.00 spent, the customer accumulates 2.3 points on domestic purchases and 3.2 points on international purchases, which opens the door to exchange for airline tickets and other products through partner loyalty programs.

Annual fee, cashback and other assets

The card has an annual fee paid in 12 installments of R$69.00, with the possibility of cashback for this fee.

This financial return is directly linked to the amount spent monthly, allowing the user to receive up to 100% of the annual fee back, depending on their consumption.

Furthermore, among the exclusive benefits, Visa Causas stands out, which allows donations to institutions at no additional cost to the customer. Purchase protection insurance also guarantees refunds or repairs of products in the event of theft, theft or accidental damage, ensuring peace of mind during purchases.

Not to mention international emergency medical insurance and access to Visa Concierge, a personal assistant to help with reservations and travel information, in addition to the Visa Luxury Hotel Collection, which includes benefits at a selection of luxury hotels.

How do I request the Caixa VISA Infinite card?

To purchase the Caixa Visa Infinite Card, interested parties can make the request through the application, internet banking, or by visiting a Caixa branch.

This process is simplified for account holders, but also accessible for those who want to start a relationship with the financial institution. Find out more at:

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Don’t miss the opportunity!

The launch of the Caixa Visa Infinite Card marks a significant advance in the financial market, as the product offers a series of benefits that enrich the user experience.

In a world where the demand for personalized and advantageous financial services has never been higher, this new feature presents itself as an attractive solution for account holders who want more from their credit card.

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