Video call service is implemented by CAIXA: find out how it works!

Caixa has implemented a new video call service system that will revolutionize wasted time. Find out how it will work!

In an era where technology constantly redefines our experiences, Caixa Econômica Federal takes a big step forward with the introduction of its video call customer service.

This new channel, currently in the testing phase, promises to transform the way we interact with the bank, bringing greater convenience and security to customers. See how it will work!

Have you ever thought about making a video call so you don’t have to wait in line for hours? Check out the new box! / Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

Endless queues

In 2023, Caixa was ordered to pay a fine of R$151,200 for repeatedly exceeding the maximum waiting time in line, determined for banking services.

The decision came from the 5th Panel of the TRF of the 1st Region, which maintained the sentence after Caixa appealed against a fine previously imposed by the Federal District.

The bank had been fined by inspectors after customers waited in line for more than an hour without being served.

For this reason, the bank found itself faced with a dilemma and changing the way it operates was necessary to speed up and improve the process.

Caixa video call service

In principle, Caixa’s remote customer service via video call is a true bridge between the institution and its customers, offering detailed assistance on the bank’s products and services, both commercial and social.

This way, through a friendly and secure interface, customers can obtain personalized information, facilitating access to financial solutions without leaving home.

The priority is safety

With the increase in digital interactions, security has become a crucial aspect. Recognizing this, Caixa is committed to ensuring the integrity and protection of users during video call services.

In other words, this commitment is reflected in the service’s careful testing process, ensuring a reliable and cyber-scam-proof platform.

Video call service is an advance

Overall, this advance in remote service symbolizes not only an important step for Caixa, but also for the banking sector as a whole, reflecting a continuous effort to adapt to modern customer needs and expectations.

With this new service, Caixa reaffirms its role as an innovative institution, ready to offer solutions that combine efficiency, convenience and security.

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Caixa launches credit line for states and municipalities

Furthermore, Caixa innovated once again by launching the Infrastructure and Sanitation Financing credit line (FINISA Verde), aimed specifically at environmentally sustainable projects in states and municipalities.

This new line of credit is intended for initiatives that promote energy efficiency, the use of clean or renewable energy sources and the reuse and reduction of water consumption.

A practical example of this application would be the financing of solar panels and LED lamps for public lighting.

Invest in sustainability

FINISA Verde presents itself as an excellent opportunity for public entities to invest in sustainability, offering special conditions, including benefits for those who have the "Caixa Gestão Sustentável" seal.

This seal recognizes municipalities that adopt good ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) practices in their management.

Important changes

Finally, with this initiative, Caixa reinforces its commitment to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, contributing significantly to protecting the environment and promoting more responsible public management aware of environmental impacts.

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