User shares SECRET Samsung codes and goes viral on social networks; check out the most useful ones!

Recently, a user went viral on social media for sharing secret Samsung codes that can make using the devices even more interactive.

Have you ever stopped to think that your cell phone may have several secrets that you still don’t know about? This especially happens with models from a certain Korean brand.

Recently, a user exposed several Samsung secret codes that are leaving other customers speechless. Check out what they are and what they do!

Did you know that there are secret Samsung codes that can change the way you use your cell phone? / Photo: publicity

Samsung secret codes in the palm of your hand

Initially, a cell phone expert recently released secret codes that can be very useful for users of Samsung models.

These are sequences of characters that, when typed in the "Telefone" application, give access to various functions.

In short, the codes allow you to view a list of information about the device’s hardware to open a menu to test different components of the cell phone. Check out!

Direct access to information

Imagine being able to unlock secrets on your smartphone with simple numerical sequences. The first code revealed by influencer @Tech_Overwatch on TikTok gives access to information about the user’s own smartphone.

From the combination, the person is introduced to some data relating to the construction of the model. To access the feature, simply enter the code " *#12580*369#" (without quotes) on the "Phone" application keyboard – as if you were calling a contact.

This gives you a detailed overview of your device, which is especially useful for checking the authenticity and technical specifications of your Samsung.

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Testing your device

Then, another sequence of characters revealed by the expert is "*#0*#". If entered on the phone’s keypad, the code gives automatic access to a secret menu that is used to test specific parts of the cell phone’s hardware.

Through it, the user can check the operation of components such as speakers, vibration sensor, touchscreen, front and rear cameras, among others.

Battery life

There is still a code that Samsung users can use to instantly increase the model’s battery life.

According to the expert, simply type "*#9900" to recalibrate the cell phone battery. The feature is recommended to keep the smartphone working healthily, preventing component deterioration.

Try Samsung secret codes now

The disclosure of these codes brings to light the complexity and hidden capabilities of our mobile devices.

More than just communication tools, our cell phones are true pocket computers, with a wide range of features waiting to be explored.

Security and curiosity

It is important to remember that, despite the curiosity and usefulness of these codes, it is crucial to use them responsibly. After all, improper adjustments can affect the functioning of the device.

Therefore, before venturing into this world of codes and hidden functions, make sure you understand the implications of each action.

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