URGENT news for MEIs TODAY (02/20); Will the contribution amount INCREASE?

MEIs must pay attention to the adjustments that occur every year in the value of the monthly contribution. Every 20th the DAS payment and changes take place.

Attention, individual microentrepreneurs! An important change is on the horizon: starting this Tuesday, February 20th, the value of the MEIs’ monthly contribution will be adjusted.

This adjustment is a direct response to the increase in the minimum wage to R$1,412.00, something that happens annually. Therefore, it is always important to pay attention to changes.

It is worth noting that those who do not pay the monthly contribution may end up suffering from penalties that put their companies at risk. Check out.

MEIs who are not aware of changes in the monthly contribution may be scared by the news. Check out. / Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia / pronatec.pro.br

Understand the adjustment in the payment of MEIs

In principle, the monthly contribution of MEIs, which is calculated based on the minimum wage, includes a portion allocated to the INSS, guaranteeing rights such as retirement, maternity benefit, sickness benefit, among others.

With the new minimum wage, the value of the social security contribution increases from R$66.00 to R$70.60, representing 5% of the current minimum.

Impacts us tickets

Payment slips, known as DAS-MEI, due on February 20th, will already come with the new value.

In addition to the social security contribution, DAS-MEI includes taxes such as ISS and ICMS, varying depending on the activity carried out. Therefore, the final value of the monthly contribution can vary between R$71.60 and R$76.60. Check out:

MEI modality Monthly value of DAS
Commerce and industries R$ 71,60
services R$ 75,60
Commerce and services R$ 76,60

MEI contribution table in 2024.

MEI truck driver

Furthermore, for MEI truck drivers, the calculation is slightly different, based on 12% of the minimum wage. This results in values ​​between R$169.44 and R$175.44, depending on additional taxes.

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How to issue the DAS-MEI

Issuance can occur via the Simples Nacional Portal or the MEI app (Android: or iOS: https://curt.link/1iG0rM).

In the MEI section, select the "Payment Slip" option and enter your business's CNPJ. The system will generate the DAS with the updated amounts for payment. Alternatively, use the "MEI" application available for smartphones.

After installing the app, simply enter your MEI’s CNPJ, select the DAS issuance option and choose the desired reference month. MEI can pay the bill at any bank branch, lottery outlet or online.

What happens if MEIs don’t pay the DAS?

In summary, if the MEI DAS is not paid by the due date, the microentrepreneur will face some consequences. Initially, interest and a fine for delay will be applied to the amount due.

Failure to pay may lead to the debt being registered as an Active Debt of the Union, becoming a pending tax obligation with the government.

Furthermore, the MEI may lose its social security benefits, such as retirement, sickness benefit and maternity benefit, as these rights depend on regular contributions to the INSS.

Default also prevents the issuance of negative debt certificates, essential for participating in tenders or obtaining financing.

Don’t forget the annual declaration!

Finally, in addition to the monthly payment of the DAS, the MEI must annually submit the Annual Declaration of Simples Nacional (DASN-SIMEI), informing the total revenue for the previous year.

The declaration is essential to maintain the regularity of the MEI and must be submitted by May 31st of each year via the Simples Nacional Portal (https://encurtador.com.br/muV56).

Failure to send this declaration may result in a fine, problems with tax regularity and even the cancellation of the MEI registration. Therefore, it is crucial not to forget this annual obligation.

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