Upcoming destinations for Apple Vision Pro

Enthusiasm for the Apple Vision Pro is at an all-time high, both among those who have already had the opportunity to experiment with them and those who are eager to get their hands on them. So far, these innovative glasses are only available in the United States, but thanks to information provided by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, we know that Apple plans to expand its availability to other countries.

The international expansion of the Vision Pro will begin with:

America: Canada only. Europe: United Kingdom, Germany and France. Asia: China, Hong Kong, Japan and Korea. Oceania: Australia.

These countries have been practically confirmed as the next destinations for Apple Vision Pro to receive the Vision Pro. However, this does not rule out the possibility of other countries being added to the list in the future, including Spain, although probably not in the same phase initial.

The countries selected by Apple to launch the Vision Pro demonstrate the company’s strategy to capture key markets.

Release dates and availability

Although there are no specific dates, rumors suggest that China could be one of the first countries to receive the Vision Pro after the United States, possibly in April. However, availability will largely depend on demand in the United States and Apple’s production capacity.

For countries like Spain and others in Latin America, it seems that the wait will be longer, possibly extending beyond this year. The expectation is that once stock issues in the United States are resolved and demand declines, Apple will begin introducing the product to other markets.

Languages ​​and Vision Pro access to the App Store

Another interesting question is whether the Vision Pro will be available in all languages ​​or limited to the main languages ​​​​of the countries where they are sold, including access to local App Stores. This is something that remains to be seen and that we hope Apple will clarify in the coming months.

The Apple Vision Pro promises to revolutionize the way we interact with technology, and the expectation for its international launch is high. Although the wait may be long for many, the ability to try out these glasses at an Apple Store before purchasing could be a comfort to eager Apple fans around the world.

And you? Are you looking forward to the arrival of the Vision Pro in your country, or are you worried about possible high prices? Whatever your position, the launch of the Vision Pro is undoubtedly an event that many will follow closely.

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