Up to R$ 20 THOUSAND per CPF in the note? Understand the prize and how to compete

The City Hall launched the "Nota Premiada Campo Grande" program, encouraging citizens to include their CPF in tax invoices. Understand.

In an innovative initiative to encourage the issuance of invoices and promote social inclusion through tax collection, the City Hall launched the CPF program in the invoice.

The initiative rewards citizens who request the inclusion of their CPF in service invoices, with prizes that can reach up to R$20 thousand.

This program values ​​the act of consuming consciously and brings tangible benefits to consumers, such as discounts, prizes, credit redemption and improvement of credit scores.

Find out how to get R$20,000 with your CPF – Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia / pronatec.pro.br

Award-winning citizens: win up to R$20 thousand per CPF on the note

When requesting the inclusion of the CPF in the electronic invoice (NFS-e) when purchasing services in Campo Grande, the consumer automatically participates in the draw for 11 prizes, totaling R$115 thousand.

This practice encourages the issuance of tax documents, benefiting both citizens and the municipal administration in combating tax evasion.

Instructions for participation

To participate, simply register on the Nota Premiada Campo Grande platform website, request the inclusion of the CPF in the invoices for services used and wait for the draws.

Notes from any type of service, such as beauty salons, mechanical workshops, pet shops and tire repair shops, are valid for the draw.

Access the website through this link: https://www.notamspremiada.ms.gov.br/.

Positive impact

This campaign by Campo Grande City Hall exemplifies an effective way of engaging the population in fiscal responsibility, offering incentives that directly benefit citizens.

Programs such as Nota Premiada Campo Grande strengthen the relationship between the government and citizens, promoting a fairer society that is aware of its rights and duties.

A citizenship and transparency tool

This system allows consumers to enter their CPF at the time of purchase and, in return, receive tax credits or benefits, in addition to contributing to increased transparency in commercial transactions.

Transparency and citizenship

The CPF on the Invoice is an initiative that aims to increase transparency in commercial relationships, allowing consumers to monitor their purchases and demand their rights as citizens.

By providing their CPF at the time of purchase, consumers are assured that their expenses are being recorded appropriately, which can help prevent fraud and tax evasion by commercial establishments.

Benefits for consumers

In addition to contributing to transparency in commercial transactions, the CPF on the Invoice also offers direct benefits to consumers.

In some states, such as São Paulo, for example, consumers who provide their CPF on the invoice can receive part of the amount spent back in the form of credits that can be used to reduce the IPVA payment.

These credits represent a way of rewarding consumers for their participation in the program and encouraging them to demand an invoice for all their purchases.

Program scope

The CPF in Invoice program is present in several Brazilian states, although under different names and with variations in relation to the benefits offered. Some states that have similar programs include:

São Paulo – Nota Fiscal PaulistaRio de Janeiro – Nota Fiscal

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