Up to 93% discount on Serasa debt renegotiation; see how to get it!

Have you ever thought about being able to pay off debts with more than 90% discount? See how Serasa can help you with this challenge and get out of default!

Have you ever thought about being able to clear your name in just a few steps? Default can be a big problem for consumers’ financial health, but Serasa can help solve it.

So, if you find yourself in this situation and think there is no way out, see how to solve the problem in a few steps. You will be surprised at how simple it is!

Do you owe money and don’t know how to pay the bills? See how Serasa helps you solve the problem! / Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia / pronatec.pro.br

What is Serasa Limpa Name?

In principle, Serasa Limpa Nome is an online platform developed by Serasa Experian that allows consumers to renegotiate debts directly with creditors.

In short, it offers the opportunity to pay off late debts with special conditions, such as significant discounts and installment options.

The initiative aims to facilitate the process of clearing their name in the market, allowing individuals with financial issues to regularize their situation and recover their credibility before financial and commercial institutions, thus improving their chances of accessing credits and services.

Serasa's new debt settlement program

Recently, Serasa launched a revolutionary aid program, aiming to benefit more than two million students with outstanding tuition fees.

With 6.2 million offers for debt renegotiation, Serasa Limpa Nome stands out by offering discounts of up to 93% and installment payments in up to nine installments. Renowned institutions such as Estácio, Anhanguera and Pitágoras joined the program, increasing the chances of financial regularization for students.

Defaults are on the rise

A survey carried out by Serasa in partnership with the Opinion Box Institute revealed alarming data: 49% of defaulting students interrupted their studies due to accumulated debts, mainly due to causes such as unemployment, prioritization of other bills and reduced income.

The majority of students, representing 90% of the total, bear their own educational expenses. Among these, 43% want to pay off their debts so they can resume their studies. Furthermore, 19% confess that debts directly affect their concentration in the classroom.

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How to participate in Serasa Limpa Nome?

Furthermore, to access the discounts offered by Serasa, interested parties can use the official website (the application (Android: or iOS: WhatsApp on numbers (11) 99575-2096 and (11) 3003-6300 or even post offices .

Renegotiation is seen as a crucial step towards recovering students’ financial health.

How to renegotiate?

Debtors can follow a simplified procedure to redeem discounts: download the Serasa app, complete a brief registration and access the available offers.

When selecting an offer, the user can choose the payment method that suits them best, finalizing the agreement and proceeding with payment according to the agreed conditions.

Clear your name right now!

This Serasa initiative appears as a response to the financial needs of Brazilian students, offering an opportunity to resume studies and rebuild their financial lives amid economic challenges.

After all, is it true that debts can expire?

Finally, debts actually expire after 5 years, which means that they no longer appear in the default records of credit protection agencies, such as Serasa and SPC.

However, the forfeiture of the debt does not eliminate the debtor’s obligation to pay it off. The creditor can still seek legal means to receive the amount owed, even after the expiry period.

It is important to highlight that the removal of the registration does not mean forgiveness of the debt, but rather that it will no longer be used to deny credit to the consumer based on this registration.

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