Until when can I request the anniversary withdrawal from the Guarantee Fund in 2024?

The FGTS anniversary withdrawal is intended for Brazilians who were hired under the CLT (Consolidation of Labor Laws) model. Find out how to request.

The Service Time Guarantee Fund (FGTS) is an important financial protection for Brazilian workers, offering different withdrawal methods in specific situations.

Since 2019, the FGTS Birthday Withdrawal has offered a new modality for workers to access part of their funds once a year, in the month of their birthday. Many Brazilians have doubts about the withdrawal deadline.

Continue reading this article to find out what the deadline for requesting a redemption is, according to the law.

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Guarantee Fund Anniversary Withdrawal: everything you need to know

To take advantage of this opportunity, it is essential to join the modality until the last day of the beneficiary’s birthday month. For example, those born in February have until February 29th to register. Otherwise, membership will be postponed until next year.


The amounts available for withdrawal vary according to the worker’s total FGTS balance, ranging from 50% of the balance for accounts with up to R$50,000 to 5% for balances greater than R$2,000,000, with additional installments increasing by balance range.

How to apply

The process to join Saque-Aniversário is simple and can be done through the FGTS app, available for Android and iOS: https://www.fgts.gov.br/Pages/default.aspx.

After logging in, the user must select "My FGTS", choose "Birthday Withdrawal", click on "Join Birthday Withdrawal" and, after reading the terms, confirm your choice.

Important Considerations

Choosing the Birthday Withdrawal means renouncing the right to withdraw the full amount of FGTS in the event of unfair dismissal, maintaining only the 40% termination fine.

Therefore, it is a decision that requires consideration, especially for those considering the possibility of changing jobs or seeking greater financial security through the Guarantee Fund.

Check out other withdrawal options

In addition to the birthday withdrawal, there are other methods of withdrawing from the Guarantee Fund. Check out the main ones.


Withdrawal-Termination is the best known, allowing workers to withdraw the full FGTS balance when they are fired without just cause.

In addition, the worker receives a termination fine of 40% of the total deposited by the last employer.


Workers who retire are entitled to full withdrawal from the FGTS, regardless of the type of retirement granted by the INSS.

Buying your own home

The Guarantee Fund can be used to purchase residential properties, amortize or settle outstanding balances and pay part of real estate financing installments.

Serious diseases

Patients or dependents who suffer from serious illnesses, such as cancer or AIDS, or who are in a terminal stage, can withdraw the FGTS to cover expenses related to treatment.

Company closure

Workers who are left without a job due to the closure of the company where they worked can withdraw the FGTS balance, as long as the company has not been reopened or sold.

Death of the worker

In the event of the worker’s death, the legally recognized heirs are entitled to withdraw the balance of the Guarantee Fund left behind.


Workers aged 70 or over have the right to withdraw the full balance of their FGTS accounts.

Natural disasters

In cases of natural disasters, such as floods and earthquakes, which affect the worker’s residence, it is possible to withdraw part of the FGTS for reconstruction or repair of the damage, as long as the emergency situation or state of public calamity is officially recognized.

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