Understand why Uber ENDED a very important service in Brazil after decree

Find out why Uber ended its service in Brazil after an impactful decree. Understand the reasons behind this decision and the measures adopted by the company.

Uber, which operates in the area of ​​urban private transport through a location-based driver search application, made an impactful decision in Brazil.

The company chose to permanently close a vital service after the promulgation of a decree, causing surprise and concern among its users.

Below, we will explore in detail the reason behind this measure, analyzing the implications and measures adopted by the company to deal with the situation.

Uber ends vital service in Brazil: find out the reasons behind this drastic measure and the actions taken to face the pandemic. (Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia / pronatec.pro.br).

The end of Uber Pool in Brazil

In 2020, Uber announced the suspension of shared travel, known as Uber Pool, in Brazil.

This measure had already been implemented in the United States and Canada, forming part of the company’s global strategy. But, after all, why did Uber take such a drastic decision?

The main justification for closing the Uber Pool in Brazil was the need to minimize contact between users and, thus, reduce the risks of spreading the new coronavirus.

The pandemic has brought significant challenges to transportation companies like Uber, which have had to rethink their operations to ensure the safety of drivers and passengers.

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Measures adopted by Uber to combat the pandemic

In addition to suspending the Uber Pool, Uber implemented other measures to deal with the pandemic.

One of them was to offer financial help to drivers and delivery partners diagnosed with Covid-19.

This initiative aimed to ensure that professionals affected by the disease could support themselves financially while they recovered.

The company also committed to providing resources to assist its drivers, such as delivering bottles of alcohol gel.

This action allowed drivers to maintain constant hygiene in their vehicles, contributing to the safety of everyone involved.

Future outlook

Although the Uber Pool service has resumed in the United States, in Brazil, the company chose not to reintroduce it.

The company justified this decision based on its commitment to helping slow the spread of the coronavirus in Brazilian cities.

The company emphasized its close collaboration with health authorities and reinforced its support for efforts to combat the epidemic.

In summary, the company made the decision to close the Uber Pool service in Brazil as part of its global strategy to protect the health and safety of its users and partners during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The company implemented several measures to deal with the situation, including financial assistance to affected professionals and hygiene actions.

Although the service has resumed in some places, Uber chose to maintain its suspension in Brazil, prioritizing public health at a critical time.

We hope this article has provided a clearer understanding of the reasons behind Uber’s decision and the measures taken to address the challenges of the pandemic.

Finally, keep following company updates and guidance from health authorities to get the latest information about Uber services in Brazil.

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