understand the values ​​and how to WITHDRAW

Find out everything about the 10 INSS payments after Carnival: understand the new values ​​and learn how to withdraw your benefit easily. Guarantee your rights and stay up to date with changes.

The National Social Security Institute (INSS) begins February with encouraging news for its beneficiaries.

As Carnival approaches, we have prepared something special: a simple guide for you to understand everything about upcoming payments.

So, are you ready to find out more? So, read on and check out the main details about INSS payments in the following lines.

The INSS brings important news this February: salary adjustments and a detailed calendar of post-carnival payments. (Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia / pronatec.pro.br).

NEWS for INSS beneficiaries

Finally, the moment that many have been waiting for has arrived. The INSS, this February, brings not one, but three great news that promise to bring a smile to the faces of thousands of Brazilians.

Firstly, the long-awaited salary adjustment came into force. Yes, we are talking about an increase in the minimum wage, which is now adjusted and ready to be distributed to beneficiaries.

This adjustment means a little more comfort in the budget of those who depend on these amounts monthly.

How does INSS make payments?

Specifically, from February 23rd, a Friday, beneficiaries who receive up to the minimum wage and have a payment card with an ending of 1 will be the first to be awarded.

The calendar continues in an organized manner, extending until March, with a different group receiving each day.

Thus, the schedule guarantees that all 27 million citizens covered receive their due amounts without delay.

Detailed INSS payment calendar

So you don’t miss anything, here’s a summary of the post-carnival calendar:

Ending 1: February 23rd Ending 2: February 26th Ending 3: February 27th Ending 4: February 28th Ending 5: February 29th Ending 6: March 1st Ending 7: March 4th Ending 8: March 5th Ending 9: March 6th Ending 0: March 7th March

Changes to the INSS discount rate

The third big news is the change in the INSS discount rate on payroll, a significant change after the adjustment of the minimum wage to R$1,412.00.

In this sense, for those who receive up to the minimum wage, the discount was set at 7.5%, which represents R$105.00 less than their gross salary.

Discounts for individual taxpayers

It wasn’t just employees who felt the change. Individual taxpayers, such as self-employed people and domestic employees, also have news.

Now, they pay a rate of 11% on the minimum wage. This contribution is what guarantees them several benefits, such as:

Accident benefit; Maternity pay; Unemployment insurance; andRetirements.

Benefits guaranteed by the contribution

Thanks to this contribution, you have access to a wide social security network, ranging from accident benefit to disability retirement, including insurance such as unemployment and family allowance.

It is the guarantee that, in times of need, you and your family will not be destitute.

How to withdraw INSS payments?

In short, to withdraw, simply go to the bank where you usually receive payments, with your identity document and benefit card.

However, don’t forget: staying informed about the payment schedule and rate changes is crucial to planning your finances.

This month, INSS not only readjusts values, but also reaffirms its commitment to the well-being of Brazilians.

Therefore, understanding these changes is the first step to taking advantage of the benefits you are entitled to.

Therefore, stay up to date and, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to seek information directly from the INSS.

The important thing is to ensure that you and your family enjoy these benefits with peace of mind and security.

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