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Take advantage of the chance to receive a payment of R$2,572.00 from Nubank TODAY! Learn how to invest intelligently and guarantee your extra payment.

In a world where digital finance is increasingly present in our daily lives, Nubank stands out as one of the most innovative fintechs.

With a proposal to simplify people’s relationship with money, it offers a wide range of financial services and products.

Among them, investments ranging from Tesouro Direto to cryptocurrencies, fintech has something for each investor profile. Check out more in the following lines.

Receive R$2,572.00 from Nubank today when you invest! (Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia / pronatec.pro.br).

What sets Nubank apart?

First of all, it is important to mention that Nubank stopped being just another digital bank a long time ago.

It has revolutionized the financial system with a simplified user experience and a product portfolio that meets a wide range of financial needs.

Accessible investments, such as CDBs with an initial investment of just R$100, are part of this revolution, making the world of investments accessible to everyone.

Special payment of R$2,572.00 from Nubank today

Today, February 16th, Nubank promises something special: an extra payment of R$2,572.00 for those who invest. But how does it work?

It’s simple: by choosing to invest in Nubank CDBs, linked to the CDI, you may be eligible for this benefit. Let’s better understand the details and how you can take advantage of this opportunity.

What is it like to invest in Nubank?

Investing in Nubank is synonymous with practicality. The platform offers CDBs linked to the CDI, with a minimum investment of R$100, opening the doors to the world of investments for everyone.

The diversity of investment options ensures that there is something suitable for every profile and financial objective.

How to guarantee the payment of R$2,572.00 from Nubank?

With a CDI rate of 12.86% per year, projected for 2024, investing R$20,000 in Nubank can generate a return of R$2,572.00 per year.

This translates into monthly and daily gains that can make a big difference to your long-term wealth.

Income tax

It is crucial to remember that Income Tax is levied on income, with rates varying depending on the period of application.

This factor influences the calculation of net income, therefore, planning and paying attention to tax rates are essential to maximize the benefits of your investment.

Accessibility and liquidity

Nubank offers the advantage of immediate liquidity after 30 days of application.

In practice, this means that, after this period, you can redeem your investment at any time, guaranteeing flexibility and security for your money.

How to start investing in Nubank?

First, open the Nubank app and select the "$" icon. Then, choose the "Investments" option. Complete the investor profile test, if necessary. Once you know your profile, click on "Start investing" .In the "CDBs" section, select the product of your choice. Check all relevant information and accept the terms and conditions.

In short, Nubank is offering an excellent investment opportunity with an extra payment of R$2,572.00.

In that sense, if you want to make your money work for you, now might be the time to take a step forward.

With simplified processes and an attractive return, investing through Nubank can be the right choice for those looking to grow financially.

So, don’t miss this chance to increase your wealth with one of the most innovative fintechs on the market.

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