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BBOM was a company that, according to experts, dealt with financial pyramids. Recently, the possibility of recovering money from investors has emerged.

A few years ago, the company BBOM caught the attention of the internet after being caught in an investigation that indicated that the institution was working through a pyramid scheme.

As a result, there were many financial embargoes, especially for investors, who ended up losing their money. Now, the company is working on a recovery plan. Understand!

Have you invested in BBOM and would like to get your money back? Understand the return plan involving the company. / Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia / pronatec.pro.br

Understand the case of BBOM

In July 2016, the Federal Public Ministry in Goiás (MPF-GO) announced that a judicial examination confirmed that Embrasystem, responsible for the BBOM brand, practiced a financial pyramid.

The MPF-GO requested a definitive judgment on the case, which had been ongoing since 2013, requesting the dissolution of the company and compensation to injured consumers and investors, whose values ​​exceed R$300 million.

Expertise result

The expertise concluded that BBOM’s activities constituted a financial pyramid, highlighting that the plans offered were economically unfeasible.

Therefore, the delivery of 1 million vehicle trackers (a product announced by BBOM) was impossible and the supposed revenue would not cover the acquisition costs.

These elements reinforced the MPF’s suspicions that BBOM did not have the vehicle trackers offered to members and used the product as bait to recruit new participants, characterizing the practice of a financial pyramid, which is illegal in Brazil.

How did the BBOm scheme work?

Members joined the scheme by paying a registration fee, in addition to a membership fee that varied depending on the plan chosen. Remuneration depended on the indication of new participants, without considering the sale of products.

The BBOM case was investigated by a task force against financial pyramids, which resulted in the freezing of more than R$300 million in bank accounts and the seizure of around 100 luxury vehicles in 2013.

At the time, attempts to reach an agreement between MPF-GO and BBOM to return the amounts invested in full to those affected were frustrated by the company’s stance, according to attorney Mariane Mello de Oliveira.

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In ReclameAqui (more than 7 thousand complaints were opened, with some receiving a response from the company that claimed the values ​​were blocked.

BBOM investors in ReclameAqui requesting the return of the amounts. / Source: ReclameAqui

Investment return plan

On the other hand, a few months ago, the Dr. Prosperidade YouTube channel addressed the BBOM case. The main focus was on BBOM’s recovery plans, carried out through Smartkey Bank.

The video highlighted that, despite being used in this context, Smartkey Bank is not part of the BBOM group, according to its social contracts.

Furthermore, the video explains how Smartkey Bank was used to assist in the recovery of amounts invested by BBOM participants in 2013 and subsequent years.

Vibecoin and the BBOM problem

The presenter, Nilton Lucas, Legal Director at NK Negócios, discussed the various recovery plans proposed by BBOM over the years.

This included the introduction of the cryptocurrency Vibecoin, which was offered as an alternative to generate income and enable recovery of investments.

He details that Vibecoin was sold to investors for one dollar, with the company promising a buyback for five dollars, despite the currency being unbacked and not registered on the blockchain.

What should investors do to get their money back?

In summary, Lucas suggests that investors who were unable to recover their values ​​should consider taking legal action, based on the Consumer Protection Code.

He encourages those affected to contact his team for guidance on how to proceed to recover their investments, highlighting that the team serves people both in Brazil and abroad.

The video is an appeal to BBOM, Smartkey Bank and Vibecoin investors to take the necessary measures to recover their investments, offering legal support to do so. ]

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