understand the difference between each one and the MANDATORY

Understand the importance of IPVA and the licensing fee to obtain your CRLV 2024. Find out how to pay off all debts and avoid problems with your Digital Traffic Card.

Many vehicle owners have been faced with a frustrating situation: even after paying the licensing fee, they are still unable to update the CRLV 2024. This issue has generated doubts and dissatisfaction among drivers.

Knowing the importance of the subject, below we will clarify the difference between the CRLV (Vehicle Registration and Licensing Certificate) and the IPVA (Motor Vehicle Property Tax), in addition to explaining the obligation to pay off the debts to regularize the situation.

Differences between CRLV and IPVA revealed! (Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia / pronatec.pro.br).

What is CRLV?

The CRLV, short for Vehicle Registration and Licensing Certificate, is a fundamental document for the circulation of vehicles in Brazil.

In short, it proves that the vehicle is duly registered and licensed with the state’s transit agency.

In addition, the CRLV also certifies that the vehicle meets safety and environmental standards.

What is IPVA?

On the other hand, IPVA, or Motor Vehicle Ownership Tax, is a mandatory tax that vehicle owners must pay annually.

The collection of this tax is allocated to state and municipal public coffers and is used to finance various services, such as road maintenance and improvement of the transport system.

What is the relationship between CRLV and IPVA?

It is important to highlight that paying the licensing fee is not enough to release the CRLV for the current year.

According to the National Traffic Secretariat (Senatran), the release of the CRLV only occurs when all vehicle debts are paid, including IPVA, licensing and any outstanding fines.

"Only with full payment of the IPVA, licensing and any fine debts will the document be released. The driver must check the pending issues with the vehicle registration Detran, the body that generates the CRLV-e".


Therefore, it is clear that the regularization of the CRLV is directly linked to the full payment of all debts related to the vehicle.

CRLV 2024 requirement

To reassure vehicle owners, it is important to mention that inspection regarding CRLV 2024 will only be intensified after the payment deadline for all vehicle fees has passed.

The deadline, in most states, will end in the second half of 2024. It is worth noting that the payment schedule varies from state to state and, in general, is stipulated according to the vehicle’s license plate.

Digital Traffic Card (CDT)

Finally, it is important to mention that Detrans no longer issues the CRLV in paper currency.

The alternative to access the document is the Digital Traffic Card (CDT) or the possibility of printing the CRLV on a white A4 sheet of paper.

CDT is a practical and digital solution that makes drivers' lives easier. After all, it makes consultation and presentation of the document faster when necessary.

In short, understanding the difference between the CRLV and the IPVA is essential to avoid problems when regulating the vehicle.

Furthermore, it is essential to pay off all outstanding debts to ensure the CRLV 2024 is updated and avoid problems with the traffic authorities.

Therefore, remember to pay attention to the payment schedule and check pending issues with your state’s Detran to keep your vehicle’s documentation up to date.

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