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Have you ever thought about winning a lot of money from Nubank? The bank is granting bonuses to some award-winning CPFs and drawing users’ attention!

Did you know that Nubank, one of the most beloved fintechs in Brazil, could be the key to multiplying your savings? That’s right!

In addition to making your financial life easier with a credit card with no annual fee and an efficient digital account, Nubank offers a golden opportunity for anyone who wants to make their money work in their favor.

In this sense, if you are wondering how to increase your monthly income even further, find out how fintech can help you in this process.

Nubank is releasing a generous payment to its customers. see how to access it! / Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia / pronatec.pro.br

At first, the magic happens through the CDBs (Bank Deposit Certificates) available on the Nubank platform.

These fixed income securities are considered one of the safest investments on the market and an excellent gateway to the universe of investments.

Open door for everyone

Furthermore, with a minimum investment of just R$100, Nubank democratizes access to investments, allowing anyone to start building their wealth.

This flexibility makes Nubank an attractive option for both novices and experienced investors looking to diversify their portfolios.

Keep an eye out: 5 CENTS coins can be worth up to R$70 among collectors; do you have any?

Earning Potential

To illustrate the potential of these investments, imagine investing R$20,000 in a Nubank CDB. With a CDI rate of 12.86% per year, your return can be more than R$2,572.00 in just one year.

This increase can be a relief for your pocket, especially when paying off debts or in times of financial hardship.

Anyway, investing in Nubank’s CDB is simpler than it seems. All you need is the Nubank app. From there, simply select the investment option, complete a brief profile test and choose the product that best aligns with your objectives.

How to make money on Nubank?

Another alternative is to leave your sacred money in the bank. Nubank’s boxes are an innovative tool that allows users to organize their finances more effectively, separating money for different purposes in personalized compartments within the application.

This functionality not only helps with financial organization, but also motivates users to achieve their goals by making their savings plans visible and tangible.

Furthermore, the money saved in the boxes does not remain idle, as there are investment options suggested by Nubank that can make the amount saved grow over time, depending on the objectives of each user.

With this tool, it is possible to create multiple boxes for different goals, such as a dream trip, emergency savings or even home renovation, making users’ financial journey clearer, personalized and motivating.

Take the opportunity!

So, how about starting to transform your finances today? With Nubank, a small step can lead to big results. So, don’t waste any more time and explore the possibilities that this fintech has to offer!

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