Unbelievable INCOME for those who put their CPF on their tax invoice; R$1 thousand, R$5 thousand and more

Putting your CPF on the note can guarantee several interesting prizes, including cash amounts. Each state has its own way of doing this.

Putting your CPF on your note is something that few Brazilians do, but it can help a lot to increase your income. As incredible as it may be, several states offer this option.

This is an interesting way to earn a little extra money, either by redeeming the amounts or by participating in various draws.

Therefore, if you still don’t know the benefits of participating in similar initiatives in your state, follow the text and stay up to date with the details!

The CPF on the note can be something that will help you obtain important benefits. See what they are! / Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia / pronatec.pro.br

CPF in the note and its various benefits

Have you ever imagined being rewarded simply for including your CPF on your invoice? The Nota Legal program is turning this dream into reality for millions of Brazilians.

With prizes ranging from R$100 to an impressive R$500,000, the initiative seeks to encourage the issuance of invoices and combat tax evasion, bringing benefits to both consumers and the government.

Now, find out how you can participate and increase your chances of being one of the lucky ones! Who knows, you might be able to earn good money?

How to participate and win

Firstly, to enter the competition for Nota Legal prizes (just register on the program’s official website.

Make sure your purchases between May 1st and October 31st include your CPF in the invoice, as each purchase counts as a ticket for the draw. The limit is up to 200 tickets per month, so the more you buy, the better your chances!

Life-changing awards

Furthermore, imagine being the big winner of the R$500,000 prize! In addition to this extraordinary value, Nota Legal offers prizes of R$200,000, R$100,000 and many others, totaling R$3 million distributed among 126,000 lucky people.

These awards represent a unique opportunity to transform your financial life.

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Benefits beyond prizes

Finally, participating in Nota Legal goes beyond the chance to win cash prizes. By requesting the inclusion of the CPF in the invoice, you contribute to fiscal transparency and help the government to combat tax evasion.

Furthermore, in some regions, the program allows you to accumulate credits that can be used to deduct tax amounts or even redeemed in cash.

Tips to make the most of the CPF on your note

In fact, to maximize your chances and ensure that you are taking advantage of all the benefits of Nota Legal, always ask for an invoice with CPF on all your purchases.

Therefore, keep your details updated on the program’s website so as not to miss any news or information about the draws. And of course, pay attention to the deadlines to guarantee your participation!

Which states have CPF programs in the note?

Next, states that have CPF programs in the note, where residents can take advantage of the benefits of this initiative, include:

São PauloRio de JaneiroMaranhãoAlagoasBahiaCearáAmazonasSergipeRio Grande do NorteRondôniaParanáFederal District

So, if you are part of one of them, look for information on the internet and participate!

So, have you put your CPF on the note today?

Including the CPF in the note is a small gesture that can bring big rewards. In addition to contributing to a fairer society, you also have the chance to win prizes that could make a difference in your life.

Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of this incredible initiative that combines citizenship and the possibility of significant gains.

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