UNBELIEVABLE benefits are given to sick workers; check out the list!

Workers who are sick are entitled to various benefits from the Government! Check out the full list and see what each one is about.

Amid the adversities faced by workers affected by illnesses, the National Social Security Institute (INSS) brings a light at the end of the tunnel, offering a series of benefits that many are unaware of.

Such benefits aim not only to ensure financial stability during the recovery period, but also to ensure that the worker is not left on the sidelines in their own company.

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How can illnesses impact workers?

Illnesses can bring significant challenges to workers, not only in terms of health, but also affecting their ability to support themselves and remain in the job market.

At these critical moments, social security support becomes essential, ensuring that the worker has the necessary resources to face the period of convalescence without the additional worry of how to keep their finances in order.

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Benefits for sick workers: Sickness benefit

When a worker is affected by an illness that prevents him from working for more than 15 days, he is entitled to Temporary Disability Benefit, popularly known as Sickness Benefit.

This benefit ensures that, after the first 15 days paid by the company, the INSS assumes responsibility for the worker’s salary.

To be eligible, the worker must have contributed to the INSS for at least 12 months, except in cases of specific illnesses or conditions acquired as a result of work.

Accident Assistance

Accident Benefit serves as a type of compensation for workers who, after an accident, are left with permanent consequences that reduce their work capacity.

The benefit does not require a waiting period and is compatible with continuity in the job market. It is intended for cases where, despite the injury, the worker can still carry out other work activities.

Permanent Disability Benefit

In more serious situations, where the worker is permanently unable to carry out any work activity, the Permanent Disability Benefit, previously known as Disability Retirement, is granted.

The update transforms temporary assistance into permanent retirement, guaranteeing the worker continuous financial support.

The granting of this benefit depends on the assessment of an INSS medical expert, who will determine the worker’s definitive disability.

Benefits for sick workers: Protection

In addition to social security benefits, labor legislation protects sick workers, ensuring that they are not fired during their period of absence.

In cases of non-permanent incapacity, the worker must be relocated within the company, adapting to their new physical or health conditions.

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Make your rights count!

Social security benefits for sick workers represent a crucial pillar of social protection, ensuring that, even in times of greatest vulnerability, there is financial support and labor protection.

By understanding these rights and how to access them, workers can face periods of illness with greater peace of mind and security, focusing on what really matters: their recovery and well-being.

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