Uber must pay R$3,237.00 in COMPENSATION to a passenger who was delayed in the race

The passenger ended up experiencing a delay of more than an hour due to route deviations made by the Uber driver himself.

In an episode that reinforces the importance of respecting users’ time and commitments, Uber faced a challenging situation in São Paulo.

Recently, a driver was responsible for delaying a passenger’s trip, which meant that the company had to be responsible for compensation.

This story sets precedents for more users to be aware of their rights as ride requesters. Check out the full story!

What would you do if your Uber ride lasted an hour and a half because of the driver? Check out! / Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia / pronatec.pro.br

Uber customer is harmed

A passenger, after being the victim of a significant delay due to route deviations suggested by the driver to avoid municipal rotation fines, missed his bus trip.

Thus, the São Paulo court ordered Uber to compensate the passenger with R$3,237, R$3,000 for moral damages and R$237 for material damages, with interest.

The incident: a trip that turned into a misadventure

The passenger, who started his ride at 6:25 am expecting a quick trip, found himself in a completely unexpected situation.

On the other hand, the race, which lasted 1 hour and 30 minutes, meant that he only arrived at the bus station at 7:55 am, by which time the bus for which he had a ticket had already left.

The delay occurred even after the passenger had planned his trip in advance, purchasing his bus ticket in advance.

A question of responsibility

Furthermore, the decision of the 22nd Chamber of Private Law was based on the Consumer Protection Code, highlighting that everyone involved in the supply chain of a service is jointly and severally liable for any defects or defects.

This case highlights Uber’s responsibility to ensure its drivers follow efficient routes that respect passengers’ time.

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What does the case say about Uber and similar companies?

In short, this incident serves as a crucial reminder to ride-hailing companies about the importance of monitoring the quality of service provided by their drivers.

For users, it reinforces the need to be aware of their rights and the measures they can take when the service does not meet expectations.

How to report a driver to Uber when necessary?

If you have faced an uncomfortable or inappropriate situation with an Uber driver, know that the platform offers a simplified process so that you can register your report directly through the app.

In just a few steps, you can report the incident and contribute to a safer environment for all users. Here’s a quick guide:

Open the app: first, find the Uber icon on your cell phone screen and tap to open; Access activities: then, on the home screen, select "Activities" to view your travel history; Choose the trip: swipe through the list until find the race in question and select it to see more details;Report the problem: scroll to "Report security problem" and tap this option to start reporting;Select the specific problem: choose the one from the listed problem options that matches your experience. This may include situations of racism, harassment, disagreement in the vehicle and others.

When you complete your report, Uber will begin an investigation into the case and keep you updated on progress.

This process not only helps resolve your specific issue, but also contributes to maintaining a safe and respectful environment within the Uber community.

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