Two new CAIXA public competitions are announced, with approximately 4 THOUSAND vacancies available

CAIXA announces two public competitions with 4 thousand vacancies for secondary and higher education levels. Take advantage of this golden chance to advance your career with stability and great benefits.

The dream of public employment is within your reach! Imagine starting the day with news that could change your life.

Well, CAIXA has just launched two new public competitions, opening up a range of possibilities for you.

There are around 4 thousand vacancies, a true open door to the future, full of opportunities in several states in Brazil. Find out more below.

Around 4,000 vacancies are available in CAIXA’s new public competitions for several states. (Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

NOW IT'S OFFICIAL: Caixa launches TWO new public tenders

It’s not every day that we come across an opportunity like this. CAIXA, one of the largest financial institutions in the country, is looking for new talent to join its team.

And the best? There are vacancies for all tastes and backgrounds, from secondary level to higher education. If you’ve been waiting for the right moment to take a step forward in your career, it’s here!

When do registrations for the CAIXA Public Competition begin?

Under the responsibility of the Cesgranrio Foundation, these competitions promise to be a milestone for those seeking security and professional growth.

Registration begins soon, with tests scheduled for the fall. It’s your chance to shine and show your full potential.

What are the open positions in CAIXA public competitions?

At the heart of these competitions, we found 2 thousand vacancies for the position of banking technician. Imagine yourself working in a dynamic, challenging and learning environment.

And for technology enthusiasts, there are special vacancies in the IT area, in strategic states. The digital era is here, and CAIXA wants you in this transformation.

Meanwhile, for those with higher education, there are exclusive vacancies that promise envy-inducing starting salaries.

We are talking about positions for doctors and engineers, with salaries that exceed 10 thousand reais. A true stimulus for those who invested in their training and seek recognition.

The benefits offered go far beyond remuneration. CAIXA cares about the well-being of its employees, offering everything from health care to daycare assistance.

How much does it cost to register for Caixa's public competitions?

Registration fees were designed to be affordable, costing R$50 for mid-level positions and R$65 for higher-level positions, democratizing access to these vacancies.

And with the exams scheduled for May, now is the time to intensify your studies and prepare for the big day.

How to register for Caixa's public competitions?

The registration process is simple and completely online. Just access the Cegranrio website, fill in the details and prepare for the journey.

Visit the Cesgranrio website:

The test promises to be comprehensive, testing your general and specific knowledge, as well as an essay to assess your ability to express yourself.

With the results expected in August, those approved will be one step closer to joining one of the most solid institutions in Brazil.

It’s your chance to be part of an excellent team, with stability, growth and a series of benefits.

Ultimately, these CAIXA competitions represent more than a simple change of job; They are the key to a new lifestyle, full of security, learning and development.

So, if you dream of a bright future, this is your time. Get ready, sign up and do your best. CAIXA’s next big hire could be you!

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