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INSS proof of life is a fundamental procedure that ensures the continued payment of social security benefits to millions of Brazilians.

INSS proof of life is a mandatory annual procedure for all beneficiaries of retirement, pension and other long-term benefits.

The objective is to confirm that the beneficiary is alive and avoid undue payments. From 2023 onwards, the INSS became responsible for carrying out proof of life automatically, crossing data with other public bodies.

The beneficiary no longer needs to worry about going to a bank branch or using the Meu INSS app to provide proof of life. Continue reading this article to find out how the new procedure works.

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It just got easier: see how to take the INSS 2024 life test

The National Social Security Institute (INSS) began the process of calling retirees and pensioners to carry out proof of life, an essential step to guarantee the continued receipt of benefits.

Those born between January and March are the first to be called in 2024, but the procedure covers all beneficiaries throughout the year.

With the modernization of processes, it has become easier to comply with this requirement, which is crucial to avoid blocking payments.

New ways

Since January 2023, the INSS has adopted new methodologies to facilitate the test of life.

Now, in addition to the traditional visit to the bank, beneficiaries have multiple options:

Use of the Meu INSS app (available for Android and iOS) Carrying out payroll loansUpdating the Single Registry (CadÚnico)Participation in electionsRegistration or re-registration with traffic or public security bodiesIssuance or renewal of documents such as ID, work card and passportIncome Tax Declaration

These alternatives provide greater flexibility and convenience, allowing beneficiaries to choose the way that best suits their routine.

Tutorial for proof

For those who choose the digital method, the Meu INSS application is the most practical tool.

It is possible to carry out the INSS proof of life with just a few clicks, following the detailed instructions provided by the application itself.

Those who prefer the in-person modality can still go to the bank branch where they receive the benefit, with an identification document with a photo.

The ‘My INSS’ app is available in smartphone virtual stores. In other words, at the Apple Store, for those who have a cell phone with the IOS operating system (iPhone). It is also possible to find the application on the Google Play Store, if your cell phone is Android.

The insured can also access the web version of the website, through Gov.br – a portal with all Federal Government services. Just click on this link: https://meu.inss.gov.br/#/login.

Stay informed and avoid inconvenience

The INSS sends notifications via the Meu INSS app, central 135, or bank message to those who need to provide proof of life.

Ignoring these notifications can lead to the benefit being blocked, therefore, it is crucial to be aware and comply with the procedure within the established period of 60 days after receiving the notification.

Proof of life is a security measure adopted by the INSS to confirm the vitality of beneficiaries and ensure that payments are made correctly.

With the new options available, taking the INSS life test in 2024 has become more accessible, thus avoiding blocking benefits. Pay attention to notifications, choose the option that is most convenient for you and ensure that you continue to receive your benefit with peace of mind.

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