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Brazilians who wish to receive their 14th salary from the INSS (National Social Security Institute) should check the Serasa advertisement. Understand.

Serasa Experian made a very important announcement about the 14th salary in 2024. The famous credit protection entity also works with financial disclosures for Brazilians.

On its portal, the company expressed its opinion about the Government’s position in relation to the extra bonus. It is worth noting that the installment had already been expected for years by many INSS (National Social Security Institute) beneficiaries.

The 14th INSS salary has been awaited by Brazilians for years. In 2024, retirees and pensioners want to have an official position on the benefit. Continue reading this article and find out if the bonus will be paid.

Including the CPF on the note is a way of guaranteeing some important benefits. See who the lucky ones will be! / Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

Can the 14th INSS salary be paid in 2024?

The 14th salary proposal for INSS retirees and pensioners, designed as extra income during the COVID-19 pandemic, generated great expectations among beneficiaries.

Aimed at retirees, pensioners and other groups who receive aid from the INSS, the 2020 project suggests an additional payment equivalent to a minimum wage, currently set at R$1,412.

However, the Continuous Payment Benefit (BPC) is excluded from this proposal, maintaining consistency with the 13th salary rules, states the 2023 Serasa publication.

The implementation of the 14th salary faces challenges, mainly due to its nature as a bill, which requires analysis, debate and possible modification before being approved.

Additionally, the inclusion of this extra payment in the annual INSS budget, which has not yet been foreseen, requires the allocation of additional resources by the federal government, postponing its execution.

Currently, the project awaits analysis by the Chamber and the Senate, with no forecast for this stage.

The last movement of the process was registered in June 2022, leaving retirees and pensioners in anticipation of receiving this additional financial assistance.

The situation demands patience and attention to future legislative steps to implement the 14th INSS salary.

Check out more details about Serasa

Serasa is a Brazilian analysis and information company for credit decisions and business support, widely known for its operations in the country’s credit market.

It is part of the Serasa Experian group, the result of the acquisition of Serasa by Experian, one of the largest credit services companies in the world, based in Ireland.

History and performance

Founded in 1968, Serasa was initially created by financial institutions with the aim of optimizing the credit granting process and reducing risks.

Over time, the company expanded its operations, starting to offer various services related to credit analysis, both for individuals and legal entities.

Services offered

Serasa offers a range of services, including:

CPF/CNPJ consultation: allows companies and consumers to check their credit situation, identifying any pending financial issues or records of default. Serasa Score: a credit score that varies from 0 to 1000 and indicates the probability of a consumer paying their bills in day in the next 12 months. This score helps financial institutions in deciding whether or not to grant credit. CPF monitoring: service that alerts the consumer about any movement or query made on their CPF, offering a layer of protection against fraud and misuse of data. Debt negotiation: o Serasa also offers platforms such as Serasa Limpa Nome, which allows consumers to negotiate their debts directly with creditors, often with special conditions and discounts.

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