Tickets for JUST R$12? Check out all the news from CINEMA Week

During Cinema Week, most places start offering unmissable discounts on tickets. It’s the perfect time to follow the latest news on screens.

Hello, movie lover! Incredible news will soon arrive that will make you plan to watch the biggest premieres in the seventh art.

Have you ever imagined watching the latest releases and the most talked about films of the moment for just R$12? That’s exactly what Cinema Week promises!

In this sense, those who want to take advantage of the opportunity to check out their favorite productions for a low price should hurry up. Check out!

Cinema Week is coming. Prepare your bucket of popcorn and go see the releases of the month! / Photo: publicity

Diversity of films for all tastes

Initially, the event has a variety of titles on display, including national and international films and even Oscar 2024 nominees.

Do you want an exciting Brazilian drama or do you prefer a romantic comedy that is making waves around the world? Cinema Week has options for all tastes!

Cinema Week: democratizing access to culture

Cinema Week is a joint creation of the National Federation of Cinema Exhibition Companies (FENNEC) and the Brazilian Association of Cinema Exhibition Companies Operators of Multiplex (ABRAPLEX).

The objective is clear: to democratize access to films, allowing more people to enjoy the latest in the seventh art without weighing on their pockets.

An initiative that values ​​the cinematic experience

For the third year in a row, Cinema Week returns to bring the magic of the big screen at a super affordable price.

From February 22nd to 28th, the country’s main cinemas will open their doors with tickets at a promotional price of R$12.

And it doesn’t stop there: in addition to the ticket discount, you can also enjoy special popcorn and drink combos to make your experience even more complete.

An event that has already won over the public

Previous editions were a real success, attracting millions of spectators to cinemas across Brazil. And this year promises to be no different!

Therefore, with a diverse program and attractive prices, Cinema Week is the perfect opportunity to gather friends and family for unforgettable moments in front of the big screen.

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Keep an eye on Cinema Week

To avoid missing any details, pay attention to the websites of the participating cinema chains. Remember: the promotional value is only valid for traditional and 2D theaters, so it’s a good idea to check the conditions before planning your trip to the cinema.

Main premieres in February

Furthermore, February’s theatrical releases are full of anticipation, with highlights including "The Game of Death", "Ferrari", and "Iron Claw", all scheduled for February 22nd.

In addition to these, "Dune Part 2", scheduled for February 29th, promises to be one of the great releases, bringing a continuation to the acclaimed saga.

Ultimately, this month holds an exciting mix of action, adventure and epic narratives, promising to take film fans on an unforgettable journey through captivating stories and breathtaking visuals.

Enjoy Cinema Week!

Film Week is a true celebration of art and culture, providing everyone a chance to connect with inspiring, moving and entertaining stories.

So, how about thinking about which films you want to watch? Prepare the popcorn and see you at the movies!

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