Thousands of people receive R$ 900.00 TODAY (02/19) from the Federal Government; check the requirements

Today, 02/19, thousands of Bolsa Família beneficiaries receive R$900 from the Federal Government. Check the necessary requirements and find out how to access your benefit easily.

Today is a day of celebration for many Brazilians. This is because, this February 19th, a significant group of Bolsa Família beneficiaries have a good reason to smile.

The Federal Government, through Caixa Econômica Federal, announced a special value of R$900.00 in this month’s installment. News that brings relief and joy in challenging times.

You can check the main details about this new payment with in the following lines. So follow along!

Receive R$900 from Bolsa Família today: understand the criteria and explore the different ways to use your benefit. (Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

How to receive Bolsa Família?

Did you know that to be entitled to Bolsa Família, there are some important requirements? Among them, commitments in the areas of health and education stand out.

This includes everything from prenatal care to ensuring minimum school attendance for children and adolescents. Furthermore, it is crucial to keep the Single Registry always up to date.

Furthermore, it is also worth mentioning that technology has facilitated access to the benefits offered by the Federal Government.

Through Digital Social Savings, accessible through the Caixa Tem app, families can receive and manage their benefits more easily.

This represents a significant advance, providing convenience and security for thousands of Brazilians.

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How to withdraw Bolsa Família?

Bolsa Família is one of the Federal Government’s main programs, designed to support families in vulnerable situations.

The base value of the benefit is R$600, but, with additional benefits per child aged between zero and six years old, the value can reach R$900.

This, of course, as long as school attendance and up-to-date vaccination requirements are met. There are several ways for beneficiaries to access and use the Bolsa Família value.

In addition to the Caixa Tem app, it is possible to use the program card in commercial establishments, make withdrawals and even move money via internet banking.

Caixa Tem application:

What are the additional benefits of Bolsa Família?

The program is not limited to monthly payment. There are a series of additional benefits aimed at the well-being and development of Brazilian families.

From the Citizenship Income Benefit, which guarantees a minimum amount per person, to the Extraordinary Transition Benefit, ensuring that no one receives less than in the old program, the focus is to strengthen the foundation of society.

Federal Government defines Bolsa Família 2024 calendar

Bolsa Família payments are made staggered over the last 10 working days of each month.

For February, for example, the calendar started on the 16th, and today, the 19th, it is the turn of beneficiaries with final NIS 2. See the schedule:

Final do NIS Payday
1 16/2
2 19/2
3 20/2
4 21/2
5 22/2
6 23/2
7 26/2
8 27/2
9 28/2
0 29/2

It is essential to be aware of dates and possible changes to the payment calendar. Planning is essential to ensure the best use of the benefit.

And, of course, always check the official information to be up to date with all the news and updates on the program.

Federal Government and the look to the future

Finally, through Bolsa Família, the Federal Government reaffirms its commitment to social inclusion and the fight against poverty.

Investing in families means building a more promising future for everyone. Therefore, it is vital to comply with the requirements and stay informed about program news.

Therefore, if you are a beneficiary, take advantage of this opportunity to take a step forward. And if you know someone who could benefit, be sure to share this news.

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