Thirteenth salary RELEASED today (02/23)? Understand the new payment schedule

Payment of the 13th salary is a right for Brazilian workers, and the amount is divided into two installments. Check out.

In 2024, retirees and pensioners of the National Social Security Institute (INSS) will face a significant change in the payment of their thirteenth salary.

Traditionally, this benefit has been a source of financial relief, especially during times of need.

However, this year brings a new strategy from the government, with important implications for millions of Brazilians.

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Understanding the new INSS thirteenth salary calendar in 2024

Unlike previous years, 2024 will not see the anticipation of the 13th salary for retirees and pensioners.

This change breaks with recent practice, started in 2020, when the federal government chose to advance payment as a support measure during the COVID-19 pandemic.

At that time, the anticipation aimed to offer extra financial support for the elderly, considered a risk group.

Economic and social impact

The decision in 2023, under the administration of the Lula government, to bring forward the payment of the 13th in May and June, injected approximately R$62.6 billion into the economy, benefiting more than 32.5 million people.

This measure was widely seen as a success, given the significant financial injection it provided. However, the scenario for 2024 is different, and retirees and pensioners will need to adapt to an adjusted payment schedule.

Payment details

The thirteenth INSS salary is paid in two installments, with the first scheduled for August and the second for November.

This calendar complies with current legislation and reflects a significant change compared to previous years.

It is important to highlight that beneficiaries of the Continuous Payment Benefit (BPC) and Lifetime Monthly Income are not eligible for the 13th salary.

Who is entitled?

The right to the 13th salary extends to retirees, pensioners, and other INSS policyholders who received some type of social security benefit throughout the year.

It is crucial for these beneficiaries to be aware of the new calendar and prepare to receive the Christmas bonus in the designated months.

Checking payment

INSS policyholders can check the dates and amounts of 13th salary payments through the Meu INSS application, providing a practical and accessible way of financial planning.

Just access:

13° is also paid to workers

The thirteenth salary, also known as Christmas bonus, is an annual benefit paid to Brazilian workers, both in the public and private sectors.

This extra payment, equivalent to a monthly salary, represents an important supplement to family income at the end of the year.


Established in 1965 by Law No. 4,749, the 13th salary was created with the aim of providing workers with a calmer festive period and boosting the economy at the end of the year.

The law establishes that the value of the 13th salary is calculated on the worker’s full remuneration, including overtime, night shifts and other additional benefits.


Payment of the 13th salary is made in two installments: the first installment, equivalent to 50% of the total amount, must be paid by November 30th; and the second installment, with the remainder of the amount, must be paid by December 20th.

The 13th salary is an important benefit that contributes to the well-being of workers and boosts the national economy. It allows families to make end-of-year purchases, pay off debts and make dreams come true.

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