THESE Brazilians will receive EXTRA amounts through Caixa Tem in February; don't miss it!

This month, thousands of Brazilians will receive an extra payment through Caixa Tem. To know who is entitled, it is important to keep an eye on the rules.

The Caixa Tem app, known for facilitating access to banking services and social programs, promises incredible news for 2024.

With an update that brings additional benefits, users can expect more ease and benefits in managing their finances. Let's discover what Caixa Tem has to offer!

Did you know that you may be entitled to receive an extra payment through Caixa Tem? See how! / Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

Expanded features for everyone

Initially, Caixa Tem established itself as an essential ally for millions of Brazilians, offering everything from consulting government aid to carrying out basic banking transactions.

Now, the application is preparing to further expand its services, including loan options and additional benefits that promise to ease users’ pockets.

Extra benefit from Caixa Tem that makes a difference

One of the biggest highlights for 2024 is the inclusion of additional amounts by Caixa Tem, especially aimed at Bolsa Família beneficiaries.

With guaranteed minimum payments and significant supplements for families in vulnerable situations, the application becomes an even more valuable tool in the search for financial stability.

What are the extra benefits of Bolsa Família?

In summary, the extra payments from Bolsa Família include the Variable Benefit, aimed at families with children or adolescents up to 17 years old, and the Variable Benefit for Pregnant Women, for pregnant women.

There is also the Nutriz Variable Benefit, for breastfeeding mothers, and the Benefit for Overcoming Extreme Poverty, aimed at families whose monthly per capita income, after other benefits, remains below the extreme poverty line.

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Affordable and practical loans

In addition to social benefits, Caixa Tem will introduce loan options with easier conditions, designed to meet the needs of a broad audience, including the unemployed and individual micro-entrepreneurs.

With simplified processes and the possibility of paying in installments, access to credit will be more democratic and less bureaucratic.

Safety and convenience come first

Furthermore, user security remains a priority, with Caixa Tem adopting robust measures to protect data and transactions.

Convenience also stands out, bringing together several services on a single platform, which avoids the need for multiple applications to manage finances.

Keep your Cash Account up to date

Keeping the Caixa Tem app updated is essential to guarantee access to new features and security improvements.

To do this, regularly check the availability of updates on the Google Play Store (Android: or the Apple App Store (iOS: depending on your device.

When opening the app store, search for "Caixa Tem" and select the "Update" option if available.

Also, enable automatic updates in your smartphone’s settings so that the app is automatically updated whenever a new version is released.

Go get your extra through Caixa Tem!

With Caixa Tem’s new features for 2024, Brazilians have yet another reason to optimize the management of their finances via smartphone.

If you haven’t explored all of the app’s features yet, this is the perfect time to start. Get ready for a year of more facilities, security and, of course, extra benefits through Caixa Tem!

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